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Watch Samsung Galaxy S7 go through its toughest test yet


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  1. Gladys Blick PhD says:

    I think it goes without saying that you give up some durability with the edge screen. That and I put little stock in drop tests anyhow as it all depends on how it hits the floor.

  2. Prof. Theresia Weissnat says:

    So….don't sit on it, don't throw it around, and generally treat with general care and you will be perfectly fine, be careless and it might end up bad… gotcha.

  3. Jena Stracke V says:

    The Sony Xperia Z5 hasn't been available everywhere, including the US. It just came out here February 23 (four months late), doesn't contain the cool fingerprint sensor (Sony won't say why), and requires you to pay full price (NO ONE in the US pays full price for phones; it's all contracts and through one of four carriers).

    I wish we got the same Sony phone, got it on time frame and got it through carriers. Sony doesn't stand a chance in the US with how it's releases phones, no matter how good it is. As for Sasmung, the camera (especially post-processing software) is phenomenal. See the difference at

  4. Dr. Wilfrid Hills V says:

    Especially drop test from a company trying to sell you phone insurance

  5. Hermann Ankunding V says:

    The samsung s7 is basically a z5 in a samsung body, whats the big issue of waterproofing? sony z series had this since 2013 no one made a big deal about it? Oh i forgot its samsung and techradar explains it all.

  6. Mateo Schaden says:

    Actually the S5 had it also.

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