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New iPhone 7 leak shows larger camera, redesigned antenna band


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  1. Dr. Reinhold Labadie says:

    and you can shell out another 1200$ for exactly the same product….only no camera bump…solid purchase.

  2. Sydnie Dach I says:

    It's still there but it's smaller now.

  3. Leland Schmitt says:

    Not even thinking about the iPhone 7 as I've not long ago got my my 6s Plus. Although I hope the camera hump disappears with the iPhone 7 although judging by thr latest leaks it looks like that's gonna happen.

  4. Prof. Ryleigh Kuphal says:

    I really like this design actually. It was just the antenna lines which put me off.

  5. Brook Cronin says:

    Check out my render

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