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Smart TV in 2016: How Android TV, webOS + others are changing the game


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  1. Grace Goldner says:

    hopefully soon this will also mean bye bye to the sky/virgin box under the Tv and just Apps on it

  2. Max Hoeger says:

    I 'upgraded' my Virgin from Cyberhome PVR to TiVo PVR, went from 20Mb/s to 30Mb/s and monthly payments down from 59GBP/month to 29GBP/month. The TiVo is in its box in the garage. the streaming TV is mostly Netflix & YouTube. (either chromecast or Xperia Z2 Tablet/Z1 Compact via HDMI). PS3 also used for Netflix, YouTube and Blu-Ray/DVD. I think a new Sony or Philips Android TV UHD TV is in order?

  3. Miss Nikita Lynch PhD says:

    never thought of that. great idea!

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