Z-Edge Z2 Plus review


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  1. Eno says:

    Are you guys serious? How ca you write so much and actually say nothing (like in the example below)!

    “What is the Z-Edge Z2 Plus?
    The rapid dashcam market growth of the last few years shows no sign of abating. Zero Edge, also known as Z-Edge, joins the fray with the Z2 Plus. The main hardware looks the same as the RAC O3, but this unit also includes a second camera for rear viewing. Although Zero Edge is registered in the USA, the products are made in China, presumably by the same supplier as RAC uses, although there are differences. Let’s see whether Z-Edge has added its own special sauce to the hardware…”

    A real answer for “What is the Z-Edge Z2 Plus?” cold have been for example:

    A dashcam or dashboard camera is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s windscreen. It may be attached to the interior windscreen or to the top of the dashboard, by suction cup or adhesive-tape mount. Dashcams may provide video evidence in the event of an accident.

  2. Roger Bingham says:

    Many (if not most) new cars today have at least one camera on board. I have just ordered a SEAT Ateca which has 4 or 5 cams looking in all directions. Whilst most of these are for close viewing, the front and rear facing cameras could be linked with a memory card whilst also taking input from the vehicle’s GPS. An integrated “dashcam” using existing components. Are car manufacturers missing an opportunity here?.

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