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Why the evolution of enterprise messaging is a big problem for Microsoft

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  1. Mr. Keanu Durgan MD says:

    Lync and Slack do different things. Lync is simply a communication platform, Slack is for organizing a team around tasks. It's difficult to explain what makes Slack different from other services, but once you've used it for while, nothing else is good enough for a collaboration platform.

    I guess the simplest way to really convey it is to say, we have remote meetings on Lync (Skype for Business), but we share work and assist each other on Slack. Of course you can do a lot more with Slack (and a little more with Skype), but we have found they compliment each other nicely in that way.

  2. Dr. Maverick Waelchi says:

    Microsoft came up with a messaging platform that uses email protocol. It formats emails in such a way, that those special emails can be viewed as conversations within the app. The mails will be archived in a separate folder so it does not bother your regular mails. I think it is a brilliant idea. Hope they take it forward.

  3. Angelita Oberbrunner says:

    What about Office 2016 and Skype for Business?

  4. Prof. Marley Will MD says:

    Umm… wait, what?

    Has the writer of this not heard of Lync (now Skype for Business)? It comes with Office 365. Its used by most enterprises. Failing that there is always plain old Skype.

    Since MS Messenger/Windows Live Messenger etc came out, microsoft have been dominant in the messaging market.

    Sponsored by Slack perhaps?

  5. Mrs. Telly Herman DDS says:

    There's major difference between email and every other product, including Slack. It's so major it's kept email dominant, despite its obvious flaws.

    Email is the only platform that is open. You know you can just email anyone with an email address.

    This is also an issue for consumer instant messaging, largely fixed by the dominance of Facebook.

  6. Ms. Nina Baumbach says:

    They're basically the same thing. The only fundamental difference between Skype for Business and normal Skype is that you can have up to 30 people in a conversation, but only 12 if they're not all in the same organization.

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