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Toshiba: We’re stopping making consumer laptops


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  1. Miss Itzel Hyatt II says:

    Sadly not surprising. There's been no money in consumer laptops outside of Apple for years.

    I really hope this doesn't mean we end up with a situation where only Apple sell laptops to consumers. I know that's unlikely but so many OEMs are leaving the arena.

  2. Vickie Klein says:

    Not a problem. Toshiba's been making complete crap since the mid-90s, it's not surprising they're having financial difficulties. Personally, if I see Toshiba completely disappear from the scene, or get acquired by the Chinese like the ThinkPad line did, I won't mourn the loss. I committed to Dell quite a few years ago and haven't looked back. Their technical support, both online and direct, has been first-rate, but other than for drivers or for looking up technical information I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I've had an actual real-live problem I've needed live help for. I can't say that for many other vendors of ANY products, not just computers. So Toshiba's passing won't even be cause for a toast to days gone by.

  3. Justen Herman says:

    It is a problem as Apple is creating a market where only their hardware is available to consumers. Their laptops were crud though, agreed.

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