Review: Microsoft Lumia 650

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  1. Jamaal Greenholt V says:

    The quoted camera specs are wrong – they are 8MP & 5MP, as opposed to the quoted 16 & 8 MP

  2. Kenny Considine says:

    Stupid obsession with megapixels in cameras-don't people realise that unless you are going to make 14" prints it's almost impossible to see any difference between 5 and 14 megapixels. And of course most pictures never get printed at all. On a computer screen there is no difference at all. Just marketing hype.

  3. Dudley Upton Sr. says:

    " There's a clear business focus here, although the omission of Continuum is slightly odd, and limits its appeal slightly." Seriously dude? Use your brain a little. This phone cost 200 bucks, and continuum requires at the very least a snapdragon 600 to run, so obviously this phone would have cost a whole lot more if it had continuum.

  4. Amya Grady I says:

    I have a 23" full HD LED display, I can see the difference.

  5. Elbert Beer says:

    This review is being far too kind; seeing as this is the replacement for the frankly brilliant Lumia 640, it's amazing this is hardly any better than the older and (in some places) much cheaper phone. It feels like a lot of the expense has gone into the aesthetics and build quality of the 650, to the point where Microsoft realised it was getting a bit costly to produce with the hardware and parts they had in mind orininally, and decided to cut corners in places. Like the processor, while technically better than last year's, it's not that great at today's level, especially at £159, and is actually worse than the Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen, another older and much cheaper phone. And battery capacity is 20% smaller than before.

    You have to really like the design and build to choose the 650; otherwise, you can do far better than this.

  6. Genoveva Kilback says:

    Get the details right. What you wrote about the camera is not correct. It's 8MP, not 16. And the front camera is 5MP. Megapixels don't mean a thing. I know a guy who shot professional photos for billboards with a 2MP camera back in the day. I've had the phone for a week now. It's a real pleasure to use. Not at all that slow unless you're into games. The only thing I miss is… some apps that I used on my Android, but unavailable for Windows. A real pity.

  7. Twila Harvey Jr. says:

    "Windows 10 Mobile is limited to only four handsets right now"? Haven't you heard of the HP Elite x3? And there's at least one other that I can't remember the name of right now.

  8. Alfreda Schumm V says:

    Good point. I hadn't thought of that.

  9. Dr. Jaron Jacobs V says:

    I presume this is concerning handsets readily on sale, the x3 wont be on sale until the summer.

  10. Beverly Bogan says:

    Alcatel Fierce XL

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