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  1. Prof. Wilhelmine Borer says:

    volume rocker on the sides, no app drawer, no LG quick slide or notes, not durable enough to be without a case.

    Thoughts on the cons:
    -I'll miss being able to place my phone on either of its sides without have to work about buttons being pressed.
    -I have too many apps to not have have an app drawer. This should be a toggle option. This is a terrible idea, enough for me to NOT get this phone.
    -LG software was very useful and attractive for me becoming an LG user, why take something good away?
    -Unlike the V10 this phone is aluminum and therefore not durable. This is a mistake because of the phones modular nature. One will have to get a case for this phone, however this should make the use of the changeable modules difficult, if not possible.

    -Outside the box thinking LG is known for i.e. it's modular.
    -expandable memory
    -removable battery
    -IR blaster
    -fast charging conclusion:

    This phone is a fail!

  2. Theresia Johnson says:

    Nope, I'm with Alex and will be skipping the LG5. I guess my next phone will be the LG V10

  3. Angel Walker says:

    so much for android costumization. The phone is amazing is actually making me want to buy it.Eventhough i got the g4 about 4 months ago

  4. Hallie Veum Jr. says:

    While OLED would burn badly if you did that (I have 4+ year old GS2 with samoled screen, you can see where the black notification bar used to be on older android versions) there are ways to prevent it being an issue with this sort of feature. take for example google day dream which is built into android an will display something on the screen while charging or docked. They just move the item around the screen slightly every min or so.
    So while LG wouldn't have been able to get the persistent status bar they could have had an always on dim notification window that fades out and in to a new location every so often.

  5. Mr. Quincy Hermann DVM says:

    I quite got used to having them on the back.

  6. Darrin Von V says:

    HTC has quite a large fan base and so does sony, both very beautiful phones without being apple

  7. Adah Schmidt says:

    I like how any time a company rounds the corners of a phone it automatically looks like an iPhone. There are general designs for different products that just work. TVs for example are the same shape because the shape makes sense. Phone makers round the corners of phones because it is more comfortable to hold. Every time a company uses sharper edges on their phones, people can critics complain about comfort. There is only so much you you can change before the design just doesn't make sense.

    Looks are subjective too. I think the phone looks significantly better than the G4, especially when you see better shots of it in other colors, or see it in a video. I imagine it may be like the 6p which looks much better in person.

    As far as an app drawer goes, its an attempt to appeal to a broader audience. Most consumers out there want simplicity, which draws them to an iPhone. This moves simplifies the phone. The great thing about android is that you can install an app drawer if you want one.

  8. Jed Schmeler says:

    I am wondering if the fingerprint scanner will not work as all buttons. Either via pressure sensitiveness or placement of finger

    Edit: just reread the article and saw the button placement has been shifted to the side. I think its easy to adapt to either so not to bothered by it.

  9. Vicky Stanton says:

    Disliking the iphone and liking android doesnt mean that you should not consider the looks as important. For me look is also an important parameter for phone buying. And I dont like the looks of iphone..
    If Tesla model S didnt look as stunning, I would like to know how many would have bought it only for the technology part.

  10. Ms. Leatha Smith V says:

    As the owner of the G4, I see the G5 as a interesting concept, but ultimately massive mistake. No one is going to buy a bunch of half assed accessories. I say that as the reviews of the VR headset are already in and they are woeful. This leaves a hifi DAC (market of about 12 people), and a camera grip. If I wanted a camera grip, I'd buy a proper camera. So the final new feature, a wide angle camera lens coupled with apparently the same main camera as on the G4. Come on guys! People want zoom or telephoto lenses, we don't need to get further away from stuff! All a wide angle is good for is boring landscapes, like the dull pictures of the beach in the review, that no one is interested in. I fear LG is going the way of Sony in smartphones, which I don't get, as they make amazing OLED TVs. I played with my brother's new Samsung S7 Edge at the weekend, and the camera on it is superior to the G4 at least. Not quite the detail if you really crop in, but much better HDR mode, colours and contrast.

  11. Mr. Peter Corkery says:

    You know that you can just install an app such as nova launcher that will replace the built in launcher with one that looks like stock android and includes an app drawer.

  12. Franz Ratke says:

    I want it only for the wide angle rear lens.. But I don't really like the design… I wish they'll release a V20 that will basically be a V10 with Sanpdragon 820 and the G5 dual rear lens.

  13. Ms. Elody Carroll says:

    LG has destroyed the looks of the phone…And on top of it remove the app drawer…. Why make it look like an iphone ?
    I hate it..
    Was looking to buy a phone.. But this definitely is not it..
    Will wait for the next nexus and I hope Huwaei is not making it ( I hope htc makes it)

  14. Prof. Candelario Mayert IV says:

    Just install a app drawer and you will be fine… there's many apps out there….

  15. Libbie Schmitt says:

    Where's the volumebutton? 🙁 🙁
    Guess it's a V10 for my next LG phone, feared they'd do this, was what I loved the most about the G3 (and G4) the button placement.

    This sucks….

  16. Hilbert Schaefer says:

    Nothing to convince me to upgrade from the G4 here.
    Having taken some time to get to grips with the camera on the G4 its going to take something special with all the features that this camera has to get me to upgrade. Last week I took photo's of star constellation's… with a phone ! unheard of a year or so ago.
    Only weak point is the audio for me.
    had they put dual stereo speakers on the front of the G4 it would have been pretty perfect for me.

  17. Mr. Jaquan Gottlieb says:

    I think you're the first person I've seen who actually prefers the buttons on the back :P. It's not a feature I like, but I could live with it. Side buttons just makes it better for me. No more searching around for Vol down and hitting the power button accidentally. (The last LG I owned was the G2, so I haven't used the improved design.)

  18. Jedidiah Mayer says:

    I like the native 24 bit audio vs S7 16 bit ! Only concern is the tidiness of the modular connection, and how it'll perform if dropped ! Because it can and does happen. Will there be cases to fit the phone with different modules ??

  19. Devyn Schaden says:

    always on display with IPS???? never going to work is it…. can't say i'm impressed with this design, but the modular thing will be interesting

  20. Mr. Alphonso Konopelski PhD says:

    anyone else think that from the back it looks like bender from futurama?

  21. Dr. Cordia Schuppe MD says:

    If you don't like lack of an app drawer, then get a 3rd party launcher. The default ones are always limited in some annoying way. And, you don't like iPhone, but you still only look for beauty and aesthetic? Seems weird to me.

  22. Prof. Rachelle Cole Sr. says:

    Apparently the backlight can be selectively lit, which is why it's not a battery killer. OLED would get severe screenburn over time.

  23. Mrs. Concepcion Oberbrunner says:

    Well their decision on removing LG Quick Slide and notes and the app drawer is based solely on consumer tests. It showed that most user dont even use the app drawer or the slides.

    Oh AND the app drawer can be turned on. its not premanently removed, its just removed as a default but you can always go to settings and turn on "app drawer" without installing a launcher or anything. The same can be done with the Samsung Galaxy S7 btw.

    Just to be clear, what im trying to say is that the UI change is not an LG decision, its an consumer decision and everyone has realized that. Samsung has removed it, LG has removed it, Xiamoi has removed it and Apple never had it because they knew from the start that its somewhat useless for consumers but you can always turn it on without a launcher


  24. Flossie Smith Sr. says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, It looks fine to me. Not having the app drawer isn't a dealbreaker for me, since there's so many other ways to get to your apps nowadays(various pie controls, and other ways). I don't think any mfg's scheme is really that good, be it lg's huawei's or samsung's etc.. ,so I'd start to replace it for me anyway(I just want good hardware, that I could work with, and make it special for me). I like the modular aspect, and am tired of waiting for google"s project ara(vaportech?). I'd rather have function, and feel, over looks anyway..

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