Hands on: Kobo Aura One review


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  1. Lutz says:

    I bought an Aura One and it had quite few issues: battery drain (over night), phantom touches and the light sensor constantly adjusting the brightness. Also, it is not recognised by any of my Windows 10 devices.
    I returned it for an exchange which had all the same issues plus the comfort light having a orange hue left and green hue right side of the screen (which the first unit did not have).
    Turns out there’s a firmware update to be released that is supposed to address this which has been delayed since Sep 26th. There seems ZERO quality control re hardware and software for a product that is sold at a premium price.
    I just returned it for a refund and closed my Kobo account. Never again.

    1. Dave says:

      That’s unfortunate – my One, after the firmware update, works OK. Previously the backlight and everything was fine, but wifi connection was spotty, and it would not allow itself to sync, or be set up via wifi. However, it’s now working fine.

      1. Lutz says:

        I call it avoidable 🙂

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