BVE 2018: BVE 2018: Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lock and mounting accessories


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  1. Bob Gundu says:

    Great review. But sure wish they would offer Gold Mount options!

    1. Erik Naso says:

      They have an adapter that has AB mount coming soon. Probably at NAB.

    2. Larry Templeton says:

      I’m almost positive I remember them saying they would?

      1. Matthew Allard ACS says:

        They make a Dual V-Lock to GM plate so you can run the batteries on a GM camera.

        1. Newsshooter says:

          No product page on Hawk-Woods website yet but here’s the link to their news post –… – 2x D-Tap
… – 1x D-Tap, 1x Lemo


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