Buying guide: Best photo editing software in 2016


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  1. Myah Hilll says:

    Picture Window Pro, written by Jonathan Sachs, the author of Lotus 1-2-3, for those who remember the days before Excel. In 1994 Sachs created PWP v1 and targeted mainly photographers. Now in v7 this is one hell of an image editor: powerful, fast, and inexpensive. The interface and model are unlike any other – which takes some getting used to. Once you do, you're not likely to ever go back.

  2. Mrs. Elsa Welch Jr. says:

    I'm sorry but…where are the winners?!

  3. Prof. Garnett Terry V says:

    Hi Rod, thanks for mentioning Creative Kit 2016 in your review! Guys, you're welcome to reach us at if any questions arise. Cheers!

  4. Prof. Sam Hessel says:

    Adobe Bridge is a folder browsing tool with no centralised searchable catalog/database (it does store a cache, but cross-folder searches are painfully slow).

  5. Orlo Hintz says:

    Linux users have several choices of free software. I use GWENVIEW to browse image files and this can link into the GIMP editor if I need to do more than resize or crop. There is also a DARKTABLE edit for those who may want a non-destructive edit system that looks a lot like "lightroom" — although DARKTABLE can switch into a pretty comprehensive photo edit more as well .

  6. Shyann Hills says:

    you missed out the projects-software Collection by Franzis. For me its the best solution

  7. Jordy Swaniawski says:

    You have clearly not used Adobe Bridge which has excellent cataloging.

  8. Tyrese Wunsch says:

    Best video editor list please!

  9. Hosea Ward says:

    Darktable should have been added

  10. Tatyana Jakubowski says:


  11. Mr. Erick Pollich says:

    "Parkinson Sniper" these are the best photo editing tools…

  12. Dr. Mallie Botsford Sr. says:

    Latest version of Capture One Pro allows external editors and plug ins that are also stand alone like Nik or On1 but also external editors like PS, Afinity, Pixelmator or, if prefered, via those apps then back to COP.

  13. Trudie Skiles Sr. says:

    hahah… I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this comment. Just ignore it.. 🙂

  14. Ms. Amely Ruecker DVM says:

    You missed out ACDSee Pro 8….Better than Photoshop IMHO.

  15. Dr. Jules Orn says:

    visit : litecracks .com

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