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  1. Cory Herzog says:

    It would be really practical if you high lighted the updates

  2. Ramona Hand says:

    Look when the iPod touch came out and then decide who came out first ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Rhoda Heller says:

    Saw some Basemark tests for these three devices and the A9 was way low. It was about half the score of the next lowest one. And that's because of the GPU. Geekbench tests only the CPU.

    And these scores are consistent with what I'm seeing on my Nexus 6 and M8, so I believe these to be accurate and a reliable example of the A9.

    From GSMArena:

    HTC One M8
    Basemark OS II: 1202 / Basemark OS II 2.0: 1186
    Basemark X: 12257

    Nexus 6
    Basemark OS II: 1509 / Basemark OS II 2.0: 1267
    Basemark X: 20901

    HTC One A9
    Basemark OS II: 1072 / Basemark OS II 2.0: 644
    Basemark X: 6617

  4. Leo Bode says:

    Hi! The One M8 scored 2195 and the One A9 scored 3150. I'd say it's worth waiting until the M10 though – I think you'd be disappointed with the upgrade.

  5. Gunnar Kertzmann says:

    Well considering that they copied HTC for the look of the phone, especially those antenna lines, you would think that they might put some distance between themselves and HTC and choose a different screen size. No not Apple, if you're going to copy you might as well go all the way.

    "we've always been shameless about stealing others ideas"

  6. Mrs. Sydnie Maggio says:

    Well, it's probably because whatever you do it will look like something else ๐Ÿ™‚
    Take a designer that have never seen a smartphone design one and it will end up looking like something else all the same.
    The restrictions put in place by the hardware don't give much freedom for design.

  7. Marjorie Ortiz says:

    To be honest, I don't know why HTC took the risk of making it look so similar to Apple's device when they knew this would happen. Sure, it was Apple that took the design, but there was no need to change the beautiful design of the M series in the first place.

  8. Dr. Taya Smith says:

    I assume that's Geekbench 3? If so, my M8 just scored 2882. Also, my Nexus 6 just scored lower than the A9 with 3131. If the A9 can hang with the N6, I'll probably upgrade my M8.

  9. Astrid Mitchell MD says:

    "Battery life too poor"

    Something must have been wrong with your unit. Day to day use on my A9 I am getting 16hr with 15% odd battery remaining. My Note 2 would struggle to reach 12hrs. So far I am mostly impressed by the A9. Still has some issues with lag on mine when switching apps occasionally. Fingerprint scanner works really well (shame Android pay isn't available as, again, Google are dragging their feet as with Wallet). Screen is great and bright, with good resolution. Camera is fine (optical stabilization is useful to) I have never brought into the megapixel race and this phones pictures are perfectly useable, not printed yet.

    HTC need to not restrict variants. This phone needs 3GB RAM. I would have loved the burgundy red one to. Other than that it is a fantastic daily driver.

  10. Talon Hoppe DVM says:

    Yeah they copy the screen size, they put antennas in the phones and much much other stuff thats a copy of other phones.
    How dare they ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Arvel Schneider says:

    Please write what it is you have updated – it is a bit annoying having to re-read an article I have read some months ago.

  12. Alaina Rath says:

    yes but a larger screen has less pixel density therefore a picture on a 1080 5 inch screen may look significantly better than the same picture on a 1080 32 inch screen.

  13. Tevin Larson says:

    LOL you actually say they copied the screen size? For real?
    Think of the amount of companies that have copied the 21" screen. they should be ashamed.

  14. Nyasia Ryan says:

    I can't believe this price…came in today to my store with 550e price tag…Sorry but even the lovely design and build quality cannot justify that price

  15. Janie Batz says:

    How odd! I'll have to re-run – that was a few months ago. It sounds like it can keep up with that – but this phone isn't about raw power. Think of it more like a posher Desire Eye, rather than an out and out flagship.

  16. Rusty Kuhlman says:

    Sort of like you denying that Apple copied HTC.

  17. Ms. Rubie Fay says:

    How about that wasted space (Again!) above and below the screen? This time, they didn't even put FF stereo speakers. Can you give a personal opinion on how you feel about that? and whether HTC should have gone a bit more aggressive in controlling its top and bottom bezel or not? Your opinion please Gareth Beavis??

  18. Blanca Reinger says:

    I just need to know if the One A9 is a worthy upgrade from the One M8? Is the A9 more powerful? I didn't see any benchmark tests so I ask.

  19. Kirsten Stokes says:

    Different perspective. I can do many things on iOS than cannot do on Android. There is simply no app for it. iTunes became a mess over the years, but still keeps my music library in sync with my phone. I change it on one device and propagates to all my devices. I connect iPhone and iTunes does an automatic FULL backup of an entire phone. Lost a phone? Got stolen? Just plug in your new phone and all your settings, data, every single bit of your old phone is poof, just there.
    With Android you get an unfinished product. Then you root it, then you install a new ROM, custom launcher, gazillion tweaks and…. now it is unstable. Hunt down what is causing it. Oh, a new ROM version just got out. Let me update. What the… now my phone does not boot. Etc etc. Android is a nice platform to tinker with and it gave me lots of fun when I was younger. But then you grow up. Iphone is plug and play, unpack it and use it. If you feel the need to feel that you are a "hacker" while other uneducated users use iPhones, enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Davonte Gusikowski says:

    HTC M8 was copied by the iPhone 6 so no TechRadar you are incorrect, I remember showing my HTC and then buying the GF at the time a iPhone 6 and it was so similar side by side.

    they just had to add a home button, in all honesty i hate the home buttom i liked how the HTC M8 and M9 were perfectly flat with no buttons. They should do what sony did and make the power button on the side/top a power button.

  21. Yvette Hodkiewicz III says:

    The iPod touch looks nothing like the iPhone 6 or the HTC ONE M7 that the iPhone 6 clearly copied. It has a metal build like many types of devices do but it's tiny in comparison, it's not even a phone and it lacks the HTC design characteristics that the iPhone copied. Namely the device dimensions /size, in particular the exact same screen size, the plastic build materials as in and both the way antennas are embedded to an exact copy of the antenna lines themselves.

    No one can deny how huge the changes were from previous iPhones when the iPhone 6 when it came out and it was clear to everyone that those changes closely mimicked HTCs design language. HTC on the other hand made no such dramatic changes with the A9 , they simply combined the small camera and flat back found on previous HTC devices like the Desire among others with their design aspects found on the M series flagships and in doing so created an new upper level midrange device .

    I'm not saying that the A9 doesn't look like the iPhone 6, I'm saying that it should considering where Apple got the design language from in the first place. Put HTC devices over the past 3 years side by side and the A9 fits in perfectly. You can't do that with iPhones so we know who copied who here. Why does HTC all of a sudden now have to stop using design features it's had on various devices well before Apple had just because Apple decided to copy /use them?

    The iPhone 6 is easily the least original iPhone design ever made!

  22. Dr. Cary Nader MD says:

    I saw this phone at the HTC shop here in Taipei today and played around with it for a while. Single speaker volume is horrible. Screen quality is average. The screen quality is neither great or horrible. The wifi reception seemed to be an issue as other phones in the shop had 1-2 bars higher reception for wifi compared to the A9 that were out on display. Good news is that Facebook does not come pre-installed so for those that care about privacy issues this is a great thing. If you want it then you can download it by yourself (thank you HTC for doing this). It did seem to lag a bit though. The ones on display were 16GB versions with 2GB of RAM so I am not sure if this is why. Maybe the 32GB with 3GB of RAM are a bit faster. If you drive and use Google MAPS for navigation or use the speakerphone for calls while driving then you may want to look else where as the volume from speaker will be too low to hear while driving.

  23. Lacy Dach MD says:

    I think it looks more masculine than the iPhone. A little less council estate too. Not sure it can save htc though. I loved my m7.

  24. Ivory Bergnaum says:

    This is not a flagship, HTC has said that it's a blend of their midrange Desire line (small camera, flat back) and their M series flagship phones (antenna lines). This is an upper level midranger but midrange none the less with HTC's flagships continuing with the up coming M 10.

    Simply put, HTC made no dramatic changes here. You can place the A9 side by side devices from HTC going back several years and it fits in perfectly with HTC's design language. Apple can't do that. Place the iPhone 6 beside it's previous versions and you can easily see the massive change, literally in terms of device/screen size but also in over all design language that clearly mimicked HTC at the time.

    Of course I'm not saying that the A9 doesn't look like the iPhone 6, I'm saying it should considering where Apple got the design language from in the first place. To say that HTC is now copying Apple for using design cues it's already used on various devices well before Apple is senseless to say the least . Why does HTC now have to stop using small cameras and flat backs or is not allowed to combine those design characteristics with other design cues of their creation ? Because Apple decided to use/copy them ?

  25. Jeffry Becker says:

    pixel density is not picture quality…

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