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Get an iPhone 7 for free upfront with this amazing deal


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  1. TheHulksMothersCousin says:

    I’m pretty disgusted at an advert dressed up as an article so blatantly. I know it’s a much used featurette in magazines but this is one is pretty poor none the less as it’s a common sales promotion to get a phone for nothing up front for a particular monthly contract, including an iPhone.

    I have the best monthly contract I know of for much less in AYCE calls, texts and 30GB a month for £20. So the IPhone mentioned here is certainly not free even if no payment up front.

  2. L4lefty says:

    Nothing is free. TR, tut-tut.
    I love this website but, lately? Hmmm. Strap lines like this are not trustworthy.

  3. Graham Tiernan says:

    Bearing in mind that contracts typically go up in price after the first year, and if you have any problems EE will fail to honour your warranty as it has been issued through a third-party supplier. False economy

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