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Want to go to space? Scott Kelly thinks you should


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  1. Brielle Heller says:

    "he's also talking up sending citizens beyond the atmosphere"

    Which will, I'm sure, come as a surprise to Chris Hatfield – the very popular *Canadian* astronaut… who, you know, isn't a citizen of the US.

    Then again, NASA generally has a 'US Citizen' only policy… so yeah, if you're not European (ESA) or American (NASA), don't hold your breath, no matter how much you could contribute to either of these systems you aren't going into space – or even working on projects that could help others get into space.

    Personally, I'm so glad that the first thing you learn, as a non-American, is that space is just as tribal and nationalistic as Earth is.


  2. Destini Strosin says:

    "Citizen" meaning a public person, not a citizen of a particular nation. I think "everyone should go to space" applies to all people of the world!

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