The best superhero films of all time

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  1. Adele Daugherty says:

    I actually miss the old televeision series from the 90's (along with the old spiderman series from the same era). I often felt they were far better than the ones coming out now. Well spiderman especially. I don't think any new spiderman series has come close to being as good at the 90's version.

    Likewise I still prefer the 90's x-men show, but evolution at least pushes close to being as good as the 90's series was.

    I just wish they'd do a half decent hulk movie.

  2. Camryn Friesen says:

    Yep, some great choices there. Superman 2 has to have a place, as does Spiderman (better than Spiderman 2 IMO), but overall spot on.

  3. Colten Nitzsche says:

    Hard to argue with your choices, Blade for Super or Superman, but its a close call. Great job!

  4. Ward Jaskolski DVM says:

    I feel really bad for X-men. I am such a huge fan of the X-men and yet the movies keep being worse and worse. I really wish they could elaborate more on each superhero and their own powers than only focusing on wolverin, magneto, jean and cyclops. Storm, for example, could have much more importance and the they could bring a bit more importance on the mutants who study in the Mansion. I'm really disappointed in general. The 'X-Men Evolution' animated television series were faaar better than the movies though.

  5. Griffin Reynolds says:

    Wasn't a huge fan of spiderman 2. I'd have replaced it maybe x-men first class I guess.

    Wasn't a fan of x-men 2 either. maybe replace that one with ant-man. Although I'm pretty sure the day deadpool is released it'll belong in this list.

  6. Ryder Sauer says:

    I have to agree with you. At a MINIMUM Superman 1978 should be on the list. Superman started it all. There were no real superhero movies before that. It was true to the comic book, and Christopher Reeve was perfect as Clark Kent AND Superman.

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