Sony PS4 Pro review: 4K HDR gaming for PlayStation fans


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  1. Sandman83 says:

    It also seems like many people that have posted comments here just have a single comment and might be faked accounts. I think pocket-lint feels like a very unserious page.

  2. Sandman83 says:

    Why are my comments being removed? Feels like this page is not an neutral article and not a very good source to go on if you want to make up you’re mind weather to buy the new ps4 pro or not.

  3. Daz555 says:

    Personally a 4K Blu-ray player holds no interest for me whatsoever – physical media holds no interest at all. I do not currently own a PS4 so have decided to go for the Pro rather than the Slim simply because loads of games on Pro will have a solid 60fps+ @1080p which will make more console games feel far more PC-like to me. If I already had a PS4 I would not upgrade, but as a new customer the extra 50 quid I paid over the 1TB Slim seems worth it.

  4. Sandman83 says:

    I’m a little skeptic to this. It will be upscaled to 4K but all the textures will still be the old ones.
    All games need to be patched to work well. And yeah the Normal ps4 have problems whit games like fallout 4 to even go beyond 20fps.
    Wouldn’t it be just smarter to release the ps4 pro whit the goal to just run 1080p60fps smooth instead.
    And also as I understanding, this is basically just and overclocked normal ps4 witch leads to some overheating problems and stuff. Isn’t that just really dumb.
    The only real benefit I see is that games might or might not use the extra hardware to run VR at a higher framerate. But yeah, that is just up to the developer so who knows witch games will rune fine and who will make you motion sick.
    So personally I’m actually a little confused if there is any point to get this one or the old one (my tv is 1080p).

    1. Daz555 says:

      Judging by the fan noise, it seems to run much cooler than the original PS4 or the very least it is able to vent the extra heat more efficiently.

      1. Sandman83 says:

        Really, I seen alot if images and clips like the one bellow where the plastic is melting and stuff witch made me want to wait a little and it also seemed to overheat and shutdown during a final fantasy 15 demo and stuff. So don’t get me wrong I like the console series, really like heavy rain for example.
        But yeah it doesn’t hurt to wait one version or to. It was the same whit the normal ps4, my colleague bought the normal one when it was brand new and that one randomly ejected the disc while he was playing. But later versions solved this.

        1. Daz555 says:

          I have seen a few pics like that and to be honest most of them look as fake as that one looks.

          1. Sandman83 says:

            My guess is this person is the reviewer himself and my previous comments here have all been removed.

  5. Dave Granger says:

    The word “pro” really has lost all meaning, hasn’t it. How can a games console be for professionals?

    1. KLEEBAN KLIBAN says:

      Holy Hell! Why is this on my news feed if it’s a year old?? My bad!!

    2. KLEEBAN KLIBAN says:

      When I first read this my immediate thought was you were right.. but then I realized this is legitimately the console used at pro competitions haha. I really bet even outside of competition, the vast majority of pros upgraded their at home console to the superior hardware for better performance.

  6. VincentVega says:

    Amazing system for its value.

  7. kelly long says:

    The HDR added to the regular PS4 had a huge impact on my Samsung 9500 4K set and by all reports, the Pro will just add to that so I’m in. If you’re bitter because you’re tired of upgrading, I get that and there are some upgrades to things I have low priority on but this is big and I’m getting it. Will keep my regular console as backup.

  8. schuppe.janick says:
    1. Thanasis Xrisantzas says:

      Well you aren’t that smart yourself too then.If you were smart you would have known that aside from “4k”,there is also 1080p with higher fidelity visuals that counts.

    2. Mark Burley says:

      I think this drink less beer and get one s as well back cat is awesome some good exclusives and 4k upscaling is much better than most tvs couldn’t give a toss about uhd drive this is finally a games console from Ms.

    3. Dave Granger says:

      Sony ain’t doing so great in mobile either.

    4. MiamiBeachMedMan says:

      UHD as a format has already “caught on”, as the discs are selling at a much faster rate than blu rays did despite there being a limited selection of movie content and a limited selection of UHD blu ray players themselves. 2017 should be an even bigger year for 4k, HDR, and UHD blu ray than 2016. Upward and onward.

    5. MiamiBeachMedMan says:

      Right. The little boy doesn’t like it so anyone who does is an “idiot”. Yes folks, some mothers do have them.

    6. Console and PC Master Race says:

      Looks nearly identical to native 4K, so who cares? stfu

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