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  1. Gerson Kutch says:

    Spot on.. This is the problem with these streaming services.
    When it was just netflix, it was on its way to something special.
    Now its, Netflix, Foxtel, Presto, Stan, HBO and what ever comes out next.

    There are so many different platforms you 'have to have' to have enough options, thats exactly why piracy is so high. Not enough choice, not enough convenience.

  2. Mercedes Langosh says:

    Just started the trial. Not impressed. Movies are ok. But worse. still waiting for the movie to start. Gif is just spinning. tried different movies and different browsers. Think it has been released too early and no bug checking. Not worth the money and don't believe it will attract an audience

  3. Demario Hickle says:

    it's odd that no one is talking about the technical issues. I couldn't get one video to play. And i'm not alone judging by all the complaints in the app store. That and they might have a few of my favourite shows but they only have one season of it. Even though they are about to release season 3? (Hannibal).

  4. Maggie Gorczany says:

    Stan is a complete waste of time…i was one of the people who got to try it out early and i gave it a good shot, even after it was released to the public.

    the android app is a heap of crap, it doesnt work on a 4G connection and even when at home on a 100/40 NBN connection, it still doesnt stream well. i even have transcripts from Stan support stating that there are issues. I then thought that "its new, there are bound to be issues" so i gave them another chance and used the PC version….nope, still can't stream well and still have bugs.

    The concept is great, the content is ok but the execution was absolute crap…support answers your emails quick but they hardly provide a solution. As an ex Netflix/Hulu user, i was able to stream multiple devices in full HD and still was able to download/play online games with no problems. Stan on the other hand is a complete waste of time.

    2 out of 10 review from me. Avoid like the plague.

  5. Brigitte Smith PhD says:

    Bahahhaha they're using Silverlight – enough said.

  6. Ewald Weber says:

    Downloaded the android app after signing up today… Chromecast support is broken (works with every other app perfectly so stan got this messed up), which renders the service useless to me. Needs serious work before charging for the service.

  7. Parker Gorczany says:

    Or you could get a life?

  8. Hunter Stoltenberg says:

    I have Netflix (USA) and Stan after the trial period. We also have ChromeCast.

    I think at this point we will have Stan and Netflix USA. Of course we get the best of both worlds USA and Australian (British) Content.

    My 2 year old loves the Giggles (Wiggles) and of course there is a particularly good BBC content. I also notice that the Battle of Brittan is on Stan but not Netflix (USA).

    For the Parents Stan has a lot all the Australian (British) kids shows on ABC for Kids and Harry McClary.

    If you want more British and Australian content value for money says
    Stan. If you want USA Content go with Netflix (USA) . However the best
    of both worlds says Stan and Netflix (USA) I think they will compete in different markets.

    Chromecast works fine on both and yes Stan is a copy of Netflix. Stan has a better interface than Quickflix.

    There was some teething initial account issues when we signed up. However they should be sorted out.

  9. Mr. Timothy Parker PhD says:

    Presto does too.

  10. Delphia Kozey Sr. says:

    None of the (Australian) streaming sites allow you to browse their libraries without first signing up. I believe there is a way to sign up without your credit card details and then, in the case of Stan, manage your account and browse from there.

  11. Nathanial Kuphal says:

    Really? Not sure with what I'll go to yet, trialing Stan at the moment, REALLY dislike how it doesn't cache pretty much any of it, even if you pause it doesn't cache ahead. So that puts me off instantly, I might try all the free trials out and see which one works best, I expected Netflix since it is the biggest of the lot but who knows.

  12. Prof. Abbie Bogisich I says:

    Where on the website can you browse the library? All I seem to find are pages encouraging me to sign up.

  13. Marques Mills says:

    You left out the sentence that lead right into that one:

    "…though you will require a few things in order to view the service on your television at home."

  14. Dr. Roslyn Gaylord says:

    So Stan obviously has some issues with HTC…..
    I know one thing that works really well though, tTorrent is pretty handy and works awesomely, it even works on a rooted HTC…..

  15. Shawna O'Connell says:

    Actually, Quickflix does.

  16. Ms. Haylie McClure says:

    While Stan will probably get better over time it needs to resolve the data usage issue.
    Netflix has a deal with Optus so that streaming does not count against your data usage.
    In the US data usage is not a real issue as big isp's there do not cap it.
    Stan needs to sort this out as Australian isp's charge ridiculous amounts for data which basically costs them nothing.

  17. Mckenzie Pfannerstill II says:

    So due to all of the exclusive rights deals being obtained by the various players in the Australian streaming market I'm going to need to subscribe to Foxtel Go, Netflix, Stan and Presto to get complete coverage of the TV shows and movies I like to watch. I'm also going to need to spend money to replace my WDTV with a new device that is compatible with the streaming services. I will need to increase my data cap on my mobile device so that I can watch this content on the go, and forego watching content if there's no mobile service. I will also need to put up with buffering in the evenings due to everyone jumping online and using these services.

    Alternatively I could use an illegitimate means of obtaining content and not have any of these problems.

    These streaming services are a step in the right direction to solving the availability problem but the exclusive rights deals and DRM will always make them a poor value proposition.

  18. Golda Hackett says:

    Basically problem solved if you stream Netflix from the USA with an American IP address, people have been doing that for ages here in Australia, if they don't get the rights, just do that, basically ends up costing about another $5 – $10 a month.

  19. Vickie Durgan says:

    Does Stan use a lot of Data?

  20. Fae Gutmann says:

    Now there is an xbox app! I've used it on my xbox one. It's horrible to use but it exists…

  21. Odessa Pfeffer Jr. says:

    Not really. While Netflix has better device support, and the price is quite good it still lacks a lot of content (even with the US version) and can't be viewed off-line. Exclusive rights deals and DRM still hamper Netflix as a service (regardless of which region I chose to connect to), and to get full coverage of what I watch I would still need to subscribe to multiple services. It does have a good back catalogue which is handy for catching up on an old or established series, but it lacks current content. Netflix addresses the price side of the equation but only partially addresses availability and as such remains a poor value proposition for me.

  22. Dayana Kiehn says:

    Stan is great.

    There will always be people who grind their teeth about not being able to watch that one particular show or movie and that will be their excuse to illegally download content.

  23. Effie Bauch says:

    Content is ok but completely buggy on Tablet or PC.

  24. Miss Genevieve Fay DVM says:

    If you want to view it on your TV,, yes but the point I am making is that you don't need anything other than your PC to watch. The assumption the article makes is that every person and their dog will only watch it on their TV and that is false.

    And secondly, you are not required to use a smart phone or tablet to stream to the Chromecast, which this article says is a requirement.

  25. Mrs. Yvette Krajcik says:

    No captions for the deaf and hoh; I won't be using it!

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