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  1. Deion Jaskolski says:

    There's nothing illegal about what they do, it is however a question of whether it is ethical or not. For as long as I can remember there have been many a story of sites giving a product a bad review, then apple deciding not to send them any new devices to review in the future. The unfortunate fact is that tech sites get their money from ad revenue, and they get this ad revenue from attracting customers.

    One of the biggest attractions to customers every year is the new iPhone release, therefore tech sites stand to make money from having a review phone from the get go and being able to report on it ASAP. No one cares about week old iPhone reviews because the bulk of the fans have already read the ones that came out first.

    a quick google can find this:

  2. Robyn Schmitt says:

    I'll repeat again, stop running battery life tests at 100% brightness as all phones have different brightness so the results will be incomparable to each other.

  3. Mrs. Amber Parker says:

    Because unlike other phones it won't allow you to combine the internal storage with the SD card. Then many applications either won't run from or will not transfer to the SD card.

  4. Jodie Reilly says:

    Their mouths are full of Apple c*ck. The Gizmodo leak farce tells a lot about why.

  5. Dr. Estevan Bode says:

    Samsung misplaced the back and multitask buttons and always have. You read from left to right, so the back button should naturally be on the left side.
    I personally would like the fingerprint scanner on the back like LG and the nexus phones.
    Google play edition would also be fantastic, but that's out of the picture I guess…

  6. Neha Hackett DDS says:

    You can still install apps to the SD card completely .

  7. Mr. Ethel Ernser PhD says:

    I have an S7 Edge and I do complain about the always-on feature. It doesn't display all notifications, only missed calls and SMS messages. I want that feature to be useful, not to turn it off because I think it has great potential. Hopefully Samsung will do something to display all notifications, not only missed calls and SMS messages.

  8. Emmie Greenholt says:

    People seem to be far too interested in the writers and Apple than they are of the phone. They're making themselves look bad, it's embarrassing, the review is pretty positive.

    I'd like to know if the gold version hides the fingerprints, glossy black is always a fingerprint magnet, the lack of colours available is a negative.

    Then there were whispers of anti-fingerprint technologies being a big thing this generation, where are those?

    Then I wonder if it's easier to text on this phone than other Samsung phones or if the same unfixable inaccuracies exist. General functionality is more important to me.

  9. Prof. Madelynn Maggio III says:

    You managed to write a 9 page review about a phone without mentioning its performance as a phone. It is like reviewing a car without mentioning the on the road performance.

    How does it perform under low signal conditions compared with other phones?

    How does it perform when cells are overloaded?

    How clear is the talk at both ends?

    What phone goodies are there.

  10. Alexa Runte says:

    I have to say that's true . Note 4 was the end of most TW issues (never used myself but from what I can tell that's where the issues began to die) and then even more issues were killed from the beginning of the S6 line , albeit with a damning RAM management issue .

    My dad's Note 5 is truly a speed demon , as is my S7 . TouchWiz is actually very nice looking when you theme it as well , this coming from someone who hated TouchWiz on the S5 for all his life .

  11. Erin Satterfield says:

    The system is a RAM hog.

  12. Dudley Ondricka says:

    They advocated dumping the 16gb S7 phone and starting at 32gb and then went on to say they'd like expandable storage.

  13. Sienna Grimes says:

    Techradar stop your bias toward androids, i have used the s7 and the battery life is horrible , it kept losing power on standby also it was freezing alot , and after only one day , i have return it back , yes the screen is excellent and it is fast ? But it is not better than S6 and definitely not as smooth as iphone 6s, even the camera i think iphone 6 s is the better phone and themore reliable one

  14. Miss Lillie Skiles II says:

    Real world, Android and Samsung bring a lot more useful features to the table. Fact.

  15. Cyrus Dickens says:

    the what?

  16. Prof. Miles Parisian says:

    You can enable adoptable storage on the Galaxy S7 without even rooting the phone. The option is just disabled in the UI in order to prevent users from accidentally wiping their SD card contents. Look up on the Internet.

  17. Mr. Jarrell Rowe says:

    Is there such a thing yet?
    I only see the 6s with 16gb 64gb and 128gb then a bunch of links and rumors.

    Then in that article they advocate dumping the 16gb iPhone S7 and "starting at" 32gb.

    Then TechRadar expressed their wish to have expandable storage on the S7.

    See people are so obsessed with a secret agenda they don't actually read.

  18. Javon Cronin says:

    As an iPhone user I completely agree

  19. Joyce Weber says:

    Why the fu** are you morons discussing iPhone under a Samsung-article?

  20. Cassie Lang says:

    but TechRadar seem perfectly happy to want a 32GB iPhone 7 with no SD card…

  21. Colt Gaylord says:

    If I rooted the old S3 I could get Cyanogen Mod android 5.0 on it, but to me it's just not worth the hassle. There are other issues with the phone which were pointed out by critics at the time, such as the cheap plastics it's made of, which means it's cracked in several places. The new Samsung phones are much better in that respect, but price wise I think they're not worth it, if you're buying them outright.

  22. Austin Nienow says:

    S3 was ~4 years ago , and I don't expect it to be supported past 2 years . However it surely is capable of KitKat , Lollipop, and possibly Marshmallow albeit with some issues . Although , maybe they didn't release it because it had issues (combined with focus on newer flagships) . See the thing is though , the Nexus devices all use the same software without any OS skin on it so it's obviously going to be supported a lot longer .

    Samsung's perspective: Make a skin (TouchWiz) for the newer flagship on the new OS (KitKat) AND the older flagship that has a different design to its skin , optimize for BOTH phones , and resolve BOTH phones' issues .

    Honestly that doesn't really give Samsung any excuse given the particular size of them and that they could easily expand their mobile division to speed and extend support , but just trying to offer insight on what they do . Not a Samsung fanboy , I love a lot of Android phones . The only issue with myself is that I can't avoid AMOLED (I went from an Inspire 4G to an S3 my sister gave me and didn't want to go back) so my decision came down to a 6P or S7 – I chose S7 not because of specs but actually because I could get it on my family plan for 0% APR along with the SD card . However , to make things clear about the AMOLED screen , most IPS screens today still do have beautiful displays . It's more of just [my] personal preference .

    Hope this could address some stuff you were thinking about .

  23. Jessica Rath says:

    Especially in the number of times you have to press your iPhone home button in one day to see if you have missed notifications.

  24. Mr. Joseph West says:

    And all people say apple has problems with different processors. A difference (if really true since we got no screenshot as proof) of over 1000 points in one phone model is extreme. And i'd be seriously pissed if i got this second class s7. And there will be a real life difference for sure, especially with gaming.

  25. Queen Walker I says:

    Nice review! A few things you might have mentioned: No removable battery, no quick charge 3, no USB C.
    Samsung didn't correct the wrong of getting rid of the removable battery! All the premium looks don't help when you have no battery life left.

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