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  1. Jane Hirthe says:

    I was trying to be funny. I wondered if it would come across at the time when I was writing it.

    Reading it back, I should stop trying to be funny…

  2. Miss Gia Monahan Sr. says:

    I have it, and it's a lovely phone. The people who are saying it's slow must be trolling.

  3. Mr. Arjun Will PhD says:

    you've gotta understand that this phone is really new, the operative system will be updated in the next days and it will probably improve a bit battery life.

  4. Candace Wehner I says:

    it is loud enough for google maps unless you drive a noisy diesel truck but granted, there are better options out there for pure stereo sound, like the HTC one phones.

    why not get one of those car radio/handsfree thingies that broadcast your phone's audio on your car stereo?

    But agreed the sound volume isnt amazing. it is quite average

  5. Lavern Leffler says:

    Has anyone figured out about the game launcher error yet? Samsung thinks my credit card apps is a game, so now every time I open it, I get game tools. Just annoying. Hit remove in the game launcher folder, but red circle with options still there. Let me know of you've found a fix!

  6. Roderick Tremblay says:

    i definitely agree that for VR to truly work for me personally, 4k displays are needed. The effect with the 2k display is just too pixelated for my liking. Then again – the content has to be shot /released at higher resolution too. All in all, i'm not quite into VR with these constraints.

    One thing i am into though is 360 degrees cameras and video cameras and content. I really like the stuff.

  7. Dalton Rippin says:

    Come on guys where is Nexus 6p? that is best alternative for S7 edge, great battery, camera, display and also cost less..

  8. Leland Murazik says:

    The S7 edge will because it has a bigger battery and pushes the same number of pixels as the S7.

  9. Iliana Ankunding says:

    I own an ip6s and though its ok (its the apps that make it a contender) the device is too much money for what you get. The LCD screen for instance.

  10. Mr. Keyshawn Windler says:

    720p shoots at 240fps

  11. Prof. Tate Hane Jr. says:

    6s 4 stars…s7(edge) 5 stars… im pretty sure that answers your question.

  12. Sarah Schoen says:

    I presume your after a rise so here you are. iOS is a past it OS, it looks dated, it has no interesting features, its customisation is woeful and for something so 'reliable' my old 5S crashed and had the white screen of death daily. As it stands the iphone isnt even in the top 5 in the world.

  13. Jamil Pagac says:

    I'm pretty sure they're reloading – seems to be a feature of the Exynos AFAICT

  14. Dr. Felix Schoen says:

    Galaxy S7 Edge best phone of 2016. other OEM will have to play catch up game here. only slow OTA updates will let it down.
    SD card, water proof, bigger battery, best display screen.
    Iphone 6S will beat it in RAW power single core and in games loading speed,
    and fast updates. and that's about it.

  15. Catherine Bernhard says:

    ^applefan posing as a samsung s7 user

  16. Elroy Rath says:

    "but with a phone that's got a mega 3600mAh battery underneath I was thinking it was easily going to last for possibly 4-5 years on a charge. Perhaps I'm something of a dreamer." 4 – 5 years on a charge? That's one hell of a battery

  17. Mrs. Teagan Kris says:

    I've never a single SD card fail and I use them in my cameras too…odd

  18. Pink Torphy says:

    Sounds like you want one of those old nokias.

  19. Larry Schmitt PhD says:

    No the battery life is stellar especially on power save mode – yesterday the battery went down 8% battery in 12 hours on wifi. On average i am getting roughly 30 hours of use between charges. I'm using the phone less than i have used previous phones at the moment for some reason but on my new average use, if i charge it on friday morning, the next time i am charging it is saturday night.

    The screen always on mode does use up a fair amount of battery.
    Also be sure to disable "OK google" voice recognition too as that is a total battery hog.

    I normally have around 5-15% at the 30 hour mark at the moment.

    I used it particularly heavily with around 6 hours screen on time in the following screenshot and only had around 15% left. bearing in mind i was running benchmarks and playing with the VR headset and gaming and downloading music via LTE, this isnt bad in my opinion -but feel free to disagree.

  20. Melvin Hoppe says:

    Does anyone know in which Asian countries will the 64GB S7 Edge be available.? TY

  21. Arden Grady says:

    i agree adoptable storage as an "option" at least would be great, I can still install most apps onto my SD card (but there is added hassle of doing this one by one)… its a new sd card so i only have 8gb of apps stored on it, but other than the Oculus, onedrive, some system apps and microsoft office apps, most other apps can be moved to the SD card.

    In terms of the SD card i'm using it is a sandisk 200gb one, with write speeds averaging 15MBs and read speeds averaging 60MBs.
    i'm not really seeing much slowdown but i know for a fact it is much slower than the internal storage which is super fast in comparison. in real world use at the moment i'm not seeing a performance drop, but i'm sure it is there and i will see it soon. games on the sd card run fine it seems too.

  22. Cyrus Muller says:

    ^apple user posing as a samsung owner

  23. Edmund Roob says:

    My Note 4 can still do 2 days at a push, average use i struggle to get under 36 hours

  24. Martin Shields says:


  25. Miss Claire Bradtke IV says:

    You probably have a defective unit, like the first 2 iphones i got at work.

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