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  1. Queen Walker says:

    Did you say play it safe like Samsung? Sam "lets add any old shit to this phone" Sung?

  2. Jasen Breitenberg says:

    the s6 (because of bezzels) in size is comparable with the g4. So i think this one won't be that much out of proportions

  3. Dayton Schinner says:

    I'm losing faith in techradar's reviews, they're increasingly juvenile and when it comes to Apple products, slightly biased.

  4. Jedidiah Collier says:

    G4 is a masterpiece of a phone. Apart from the battery life, which in case is horrendous, the g4 can't be flawed in my eyes. The only phone atm that actually surpasses it (again in my eyes) is the Z5 premium, which has the nicest back, and supposedly the best camera in the game.

  5. Braeden Powlowski says:

    Wow — my battery life is amazing! I went from the Galaxy S5 to the LG G4 and the difference in battery life was surprising to me. I'd consider a Z5, but they aren't available on my carrier.

  6. Dr. Deon Parker II says:

    This looks like an interesting phone, a useful second screen, better materials than the G4 but still a removable battery.

    I just wish LG hadn't made it even bigger again. Samsung should be applauded for sticking with 5.1" on their S6.

    Agreed on the way notifications and phone calls appear over Google Maps. That was a problem back in the days of Windows Mobile 6.5 and it's a problem today.

  7. Claude Feil says:

    I like how they made this near-military-grade-tough and the fact they've future-proofed it by making it compatible for 2TB storage (what's the biggest card now? 128? 256? 512?). Anyways, I'm likely trading in my iPhone 5S for the V10 when available…I plan on taking more videos now

  8. Janie Wolf says:

    Keep in mind lumia phones have had manual modes for photo before the lg g4 did.

  9. Reinhold Kunde says:

    Hi @Nick Saunders Sr.. By comparison, LG is always throwing crazier hardware out there vs Samsung. LG's curved phones (not just the display edges), back buttons (it's REALLY sticking with that), and now a second screen and dual front camera. Samsung has reduced the amount of needless software on its phones (or at least pushes it to a back menu.

  10. Prof. Cecile Russel says:

    I love the back buttons on my LG G4! In fact, I think that I love almost everything on my LG G4 over my Samsung Galaxy S5.

  11. Dr. Carrie Russel MD says:

    No mention of the back and handy finger print sensor, Matt 🙂

  12. Casper Von III says:

    @ Nick Saunders…pass the dutchie troll. Samsung has scaled back on bloatware and adding a lot of value added features (their stylus has evolved to a point where a lot of people apparently and use them now). Go back under the bridge

  13. Miss Leanna Koelpin says:

    yeah, i came from sony's 2 day battery (z1 and z2). So was intensity disappointed.

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