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  1. Reid Erdman says:

    I have the Android 6 Update on my G4 now and it not only makes the phone more usable, not that it was bad before you understand, just little things like voice activation of Google being available from the lock screen. The battery life is noticeably improved as well.
    If you use this phone hard with lots of video then its not going to make as big a difference.
    My usage is more sporadic and I don't need to charge every other day any more. 2 days and charge on the third is now the norm with calls mail social media and video usage of around 2-3 hours daily.
    The usage cards which it always had are very useful as it will pop up a card to tell you if something in the background is still using power and how much and at what % per hour, if you didn't realise you can shut it down and will know in future.
    If you know its running then you have an idea of how long you are good for before charging.
    All in all a very good phone and with the Android 6 update having arrived I am very happy that I decided to try LG instead of just updating to the latest Samsung as I have been doing for years .

  2. Katelyn Gusikowski DVM says:

    I find this review odd. They actually complain that the screen inst big enough for dual apps, but i find it perfect.

    Also i have had this phone for a month now and several times the battery has shocked me with how much is left after all i have done on it. Often i will set it down and not touch it for 6 hours and its has lost maybe 2% of its charge. SO maybe this guy is using it as a hot spot or something . I do all that stuff he lists and end up with charge in the 40 – 50 % area at the end of the day if i dont game.
    Jumping into fallout shelter a few times a day will make it hit about 30% by 10pm, but i also have a QI charger on my desk now so not an issue.

  3. Dr. Merl Smitham DDS says:

    Horrible review honestly. I felt like the reviewer was just completely biased and focused more on what the "other options" had and not the positives that this phone has.

  4. Prof. Edwina Medhurst says:

    Decent camera?? The camera is by far the best camera on the market.

  5. Bria Thiel says:

    Please don't use these NON UPDATES as CLICK BAIT.
    I was expecting to see some info of how the new OS improves or not the phone but not a word in the feature

  6. Elda Fisher IV says:

    I don't mind having to plug my phone into a charger now and then. For me the deal killer is that a sealed battery limits the life of the phone itself, because after a year or so the battery won't hold a decent charge anymore.

    I have the S6 and deeply regret getting it 🙁

  7. Prof. Beaulah Hartmann DDS says:

    I bought the G4 because it was the only one with the range of specs that had a removable battery and Micro SD, but yes, I'm really disappointed with the battery life. So I have a couple of Qualcomm Quick Chargers and an extra battery, I still have to remember to change batteries when I get home. We're at a point now where I would be happy with phones if they just maintained the same performance specs but simply improved battery life.

  8. Prof. Lexus Connelly DVM says:

    I would partly agree with what you have said but when it comes to the leather back i love it,even the curve on the front and back is wonderful, buttons on the back superb because you don't accidentally press butttons on the side and very practical,feel in hand fantastic.
    I would have leather or plastic back anytime if it comes with sd card and removal batteryi dont know what the fuss is about there are to many phones with glass or aluminium that make the phones heavy and fragile which i dont want please stop pushing for these materials.LG has done a brilliant job with design and materials keeping the phone light,sdcard,removal battery, excellent feel in the hand .

    The only thing LG has concentrate on now is thinning the bezels, software, LAG and battery life if they can do that it is the best phone in the world.well done LG.
    I hope they dont change the materials on the LGG5.

  9. Macey Rogahn says:

    I can too, but only if I'm not wearing pants.

  10. Seth Padberg says:

    mine got broken in 30 hours since I first use it.. apparently this phone type has "screen glitch" dividing the screen vertically, leaving the right side in statics or just black.. and all I can do is just wait for the replacement device =.=

  11. Mr. Kelton Ledner says:

    Thats the beauty if wears out replace it what a brilliant phone you have got to use to know.

  12. Kianna Mraz I says:

    Is there another method of answering a call as the swipe feature is unresponsive at times and calls get lost.

  13. Drake Senger says:

    hey guyz! i know that i am a bit inexperienced in this field and that is why i have a simple question to ask i.e. why does it seem impossible to make a premium design phone that has a removeable back but still has the same feel and looks of a phone like m9 or s6 ????

  14. Kathleen Purdy says:

    I have just ordered one, not got it yet so I may yet eat my words, but for the £270 quid I've just spent on mine I don't see this as anything other than a "flagship killer"-killer. And the oneplus two can't really stand up to this in any areas that matter (to me). Was hoping that the review may tie that in with the price reduction update.

    I'm a bit too self concious to gad about with a slippery aluminium Iphone clone costing me in excess of £800 over a two year period for a near identical user experience, I worry that would put me in the same league as 20-somethings that own a sports car but live at home with the folks.

  15. Brett McGlynn says:

    Oh by the way i have used them all s6,6s,note5 and htc one second is HTC ALSO A GOOD PHONE BUT LGG4 THE BEST .

  16. Mrs. Emmalee Runte says:

    Cannot agree anymore.
    Samsung is becoming "Shame-sung", follow the stupid iPhone non-removable battery things just like HTC before!

    All mobile phone manufacturers are obsessive by iPhone's successful models without remembering who are still with them and why.

    Hope LG still sticks with removable battery, otherwise, we are all stuck to the cord and the power-bank like dogs with their collar strings!

  17. Yasmine Nolan PhD says:

    I have no clue why the reviewer makes such a big deal about the plastic case. Why does this make any difference at all? Doesn't pretty much everyone use protective cases? For the vast majority of us who do, it seems the only thing relevant is the material the protective case is made out of.

  18. Aniyah Klein says:

    It does not have a slow camera launcher as far as i know .Also the battery life is not poor at all.

  19. Miss Destini Hahn says:

    because glass back covers break when you try to snap it backon phone. aluminum bends on pressure. so everything other than plastic has to be glued.

  20. Leopoldo Williamson V says:

    I have the LGG4 for 4 months now battery is draining fast the new update came out couple of days ago has helped everything but the battery.lag also not sorted out completely but better ,but overall it is a fantastic phone.i am a heavy user though.

  21. Hayley King says:

    It only takes a second or two from double tap to cam on. Just as fast as turning on my DSLR, just as versatile as well. If you want an amazing camera look no further. I love this phone.

  22. Arianna Skiles says:

    I found mine to drop about 1-2% every hour while on idle. I ready disabled moat unnecessary apps through greeniy.

  23. Mr. Hermann Lang says:

    g4 has all those features.

  24. May Greenholt says:

    "snatch and control" Either a bad choice of words , or a very good one – I can't tell.

  25. Brannon Hahn says:

    I still say it is built in obsolescence. You want more memory, or a new battery? It will cost you more than a new phone. Preferably the S7 or M10.

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