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Researchers fool phone fingerprint tech with an inkjet printer


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  1. Prof. Winston Deckow says:

    The iPhone could be hacked. Don't lie. They just couldn't do it for the video but they said they'd done it previously in testing. Wait till that video appears.

  2. Mr. Brain Pfeffer II says:

    Bio-metric authentication is fundamentally flawed. This just goes to show just how flawed it is.

  3. Abby Stamm Jr. says:

    It's an old news. What's the point here? This site and its writers are apple-biased. They're waiting for the Samsung bad news.

    Where is the news? – Police say criminals like Apple iPhones because of encryption (Reuters UK).

    They always campaign against Samsung. Thanks to the writer for showing us how dumb Apple supporters really are and how easily it is to fool them. Shameless Media.

    Are you searching for the Samsung bad news? (Old news)

  4. Jerod Ward says:

    Cao told Quartz that the spoof worked on the iPhone during an earlier attempt, but it didn’t work when he tried to replicate the result for the technical report

  5. Ryann Howell says:

    It's an old news. Checkout video and Pdf file (Date).

  6. Dr. Rory Abshire MD says:

    What did it take, 3 days to beat the iToy fingerprint scanner…? Lol

  7. Aubrey Wolff says:

    The Mac had a ramsomeware attack this morning. They're not doing so well but they still report about Samsung

  8. Miss Joyce Turcotte says:

    Anyone notice it says 5S for a reason and not the 6!

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