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Opinion: The iPhone SE won’t repeat the mistakes of the 5C


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  1. Ludwig Abbott says:

    I shop for budget priced, wifi-capable touchscreen phones that are a year or so behind the latest flagships. It means that in 2009 I opted for a BlackBerry Pearl instead of iPhone 3GS; in 2012 I chose a Lumia 710 instead of a iPhone 4S and last year when I got a Moto G 2nd instead of an iPhone 5s or 6. Yes, I sacrifice quality for price for my personal phone but that's my choice. Maybe someday there'll be a budget iPhone available new for under $300 that I'll consider.

  2. Assunta Crona II says:

    As long as it is still 1080p I'd be interested!

  3. Susana Howell says:

    It doesn't need to be plastic any more to be marketed as the "cheap model". The fact it's smaller makes it's the "cheap model" now.

  4. Bell Renner says:

    Samsung did a Galaxy Mini line for years

  5. Dr. Bryana Schuppe Jr. says:

    Sony Xperia Z Compacts have been rocking the android small phone market for a couple years now. Top end phones in small form factor.

  6. Dr. Clifford Baumbach says:

    But they come with far poorer specs than their equivalent bigger phones

  7. Dr. Gus Kris says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if all the Android OEMs wake up and release a premium 4" Android phone now.

    Currently they offer 4.5" mid-range phones that are still to big for many OR woeful budget models with 4" screens.

    I can't think of one direct competitor to the iPhone SE.

  8. Reid Nolan says:

    It's not the plastic but the shape – the 5c is ergonomically far better to hold thanks to its smooth, rounded body.

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