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New Nexus 7 could pack iPad-rivalling specs


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  1. Marty says:

    Well, considering there hasn’t ever been an Apple rival from Android as far as performance is concerned, I highly doubt that any new tablet would rival the iPad.

  2. bradavon says:

    My concern being this will make it pricey and 7″ tablets don’t sell if they’re pricey.

  3. Jason Birdsong says:

    So the only difference between the new nexus 7 and the note 7 is 1.5″ bigger screen, no SD card, and no waterproofing? The 7″ tablet needs to die off. 10″-up makes more sense for a tablet. I’m not an apple fan but I love the 12″ ipad pro, its huge (insert that’s what she said joke here).

    1. bradavon says:

      Less than that. It’ll be 1.3″ bigger than the Note 7.

      Agreed 7″ tablets no longer have much benefit but there is room for smaller than 10″. Some will want a small tablet and especially for kids.

      8″ is a good small size.

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