Men allegedly pose for selfies at Ground Zero with sex doll


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  1. Narciso Bailey says:

    Ground Zero was the death place of thousands of good men, women, and children a short 15 years ago today. Having lived in London, I know that it’s people, in general, have infinitely more class and taste than these so-called ‘men’ from London.

  2. rose43 says:

    I wish we live in medieval times so a-holes like them would get time up to a posted and get stoned to death.

  3. gerda.dibbert says:

    @wingman1977  You can always go live in Raqqa Syria.  The laws there are basically medieval.

  4. van.boehm says:

    Well, we should adopt some of their laws.

  5. Lionel Kozey IV says:

    @wingman1977  That’s not likely to happen.  The people in this country have a nasty habit of defending their freedoms very fiercely.

  6. heller.selina says:

    That sex doll was Hillary

  7. wstark says:

    No is melania or the first 3

  8. weldon95 says:

    @jarko03  Naa, wasn’t wearing a pants suit.

  9. Mariam Kilback I says:

    I would like to think that alcohol was involved. Its not an excuse but merely a factor.

  10. ressie29 says:

    This should be considered a hate crime. Hope these sick people are booked and processed

  11. michele76 says:

    @jakelessin  What exactly are they hating?  They were from London and were enjoying a bachelor party.  Isn’t what they did part of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” we cherish?

  12. Prof. Brandy Koch says:

    @seaspray0 take your L

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