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LG G6: what we want to see


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  1. Keeley Heaney V says:

    Ok so taking your points in order.
    1. A better design is definitely something that the G6 is going to need the G5 is staid and boring looking.
    2. The app draw is a really good feature removal of this I just don't understand.
    3. We seem to be always on the up slope of better battery life yet the makers of the phones have used these gains in the last couple of generations to give us bigger better resolution screens.
    The good news is we seem to have reached a balance point with that now so what I would like to see is any improvements in battery life given to the end user and not used to reduce the battery size.
    4. Innovations yes but innovations and not Gimmicks
    5. Don't care for a finger scanner either way not something I am ever going to use.
    6. Dual front facing speakers would be great something I will really be looking for at my next upgrade.
    7/8/9 Not bothered
    10. That final layer of polish is always welcome.

  2. Prof. Mathias Hoeger I says:

    The fingerprint sensor is fine in the back. I have the G5 and I have pattern lock as backup t fingerprint so I just use the pattern unlock.

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