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iPhone 8 tipped to have 5.8-inch curved AMOLED display

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  1. Kaela Kessler says:

    Major revamp to include what the rest of us had 4 years ago, go Apple! When will you claim you invented the AMOLED tech then?

  2. Dr. Jamarcus Gleason Sr. says:


  3. Serena Stroman says:


  4. Ricky Hilll says:

    Exactly what I thought… The journalists on this site don't seem to be able to do simple math or follow a 24 month release schedual…

  5. Miss Marian Collier Jr. says:

    It will be this year that the iPhone 7 has a new design not in 2017, seriously Techradar, I'd have thought you'd know Apple 's release cycle by now.

  6. Prof. Amani Mills says:

    The 4" form factor always seemed optimum for me too. Oh, wait…I didn't mean that!

  7. Oceane Balistreri I says:

    By 2019, Apple users will be holding a device equivalent to whats in my hand right now.

  8. Ole Rohan says:

    "The iPhone last got a serious design overhaul in 2014 with the iPhone 6, so another revamp in 2017 would make sense"

    No it wouldn't really make sense at all if you are familiar with Apples release strategy the last few years. You are not going to see a complete design overhaul for an S model.

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