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  1. Marilou Bednar says:

    Well you are partly correct, I don't think they want to do it purely because of greed, I however do think they are more than happy to sell more of their Beats wireless headphones. And some ancient technologies are around still, because they are practical and NECESSARY!! You make it sound like the headphone jack is like floppy disk, not needed. In which case you are GREATLY misguided. There are still many cases professional and otherwise, where people need to attach their phones to equipment for audio playback.

  2. Rafaela Schaden says:

    Maybe you get headaches from listening to metal?

  3. Zoe Denesik says:

    "The Apple logo can also be used for notification alerts"

    What Apple product do you have???
    All the Apple products I've seen with the light up Apple logo (i.e MacBook Pro etc) use the LCD's back-light to light the logo behind the display. There is not way of controlling the LCD back-light separate to the logo light.

  4. Marietta Bashirian DVM says:

    Show me proof that Apple has had virtually no new customers, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus proved otherwise. The iPhone is a premium phone, you're just clearly jumping to your conclusions with the specs argument as well as the price, could the iPhone be cheaper? Of course but it isn't and I don't have a problem with its price as the benefits far outweigh the cost of the iPhone, also Apple's A series of processors have proved to be very efficient, fluid, slick and smooth because they are powerful as in that case in A9 chip. With iPhone I'm getting a phone that will last me for years and will be supported for as much unlike Android. I know I can't see myself using anything other than an iPhone and I plan on getting an iPad (again) and a Mac because Apple's ecosystem can't be beaten.

  5. Prof. Payton Pfannerstill says:

    2016…iPhone 7
    2017…iPhone 7S
    2018…iPhone 8
    2019…iPhone 8S
    2020…iPhone 9
    2021…iPhone 9S
    2022…….iPhone Pro? Or iPhone X?

  6. Lucie Harvey says:

    Yeah man. That bugs me about Apple's 'watered-down' Bluetooth.

  7. Minerva Herman says:

    There's a reason why people are willing to spend money buying an iPhone and Apple products in general is because they're of the highest quality and they last and people like myself love Apple's simplicity, fluidity and reliability, that's why we buy Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

  8. Dr. Oliver Rogahn says:

    Also Siri works, I asked siri to do simple tasks all of the time. Like delete my alarms etc. Google just wants to search google. I was connected with my iphone lol.

  9. Rasheed Corwin says:

    Show proof about wireless headphones giving people cancer. Apple ID pushing technology forwards with the removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, you Lagdroid idiots are always making negative comments about Apple so your lousy comment isn't a surprise.

  10. Wayne Abshire says:

    Hopefully Apple finds a way to improve on battery life! Not sure how I feel about the headphone jack being especially tailored to Apple, right now all my favourite headphones are non-Apple branded.

  11. Megane Leannon says:

    It would need to have proper Bluetooth and a large 128Gb of memory for me to be interested.

    And when I say proper Bluetooth, I mean the sort that allows files/photos & music between Iphones & others. No? No Sale.

  12. Dr. Ariel Ward says:

    No, it's because you're a shill…

  13. Mr. Devin Lowe DDS says:

    So here is every article written about a possible new IPhone.
    It starts out with, this is what we might get in a new IPhone,
    then, this what people want in a new Iphone.
    Then there's the doom and gloom people, Apple will never survive.
    Then the Sammie's speak out, Our phone is better, buy Samsung.
    Then the wanabee's, buy our phone it's better than Iphone and Samsung.
    Then IPhone sells 90 million phones first Quarter.
    Everyone whines, shuts up and waits to start again next year.

  14. Mr. Tyreek Dickens Sr. says:

    Apple are very dominating that way.

    I cannot see them changing their ways
    as long as people are willing to pay their
    hard-earned wages on a new Apple product.

  15. Mrs. Bonnie Dibbert says:

    Yes! The 'sticky out' camera and the horrid signal strips were the main reason I avoided the 6th generation like the plague.

  16. Stephen Barrows says:

    You're a fool, who buys iPhones now? Many people actually especially after the monster quarters Apple has had. Apple is still industry leader. 3D Touch will be copied on next Lagdroid phones.

  17. Candida Koelpin says:

    Teenage girls, who but iPhone's now? Apple needs to get with it here, they can charge whatever they want, and people will pay. They've lost the sales volume lead (which shouldn't concern them at all), stop being cheap crap. Let Samsung make the boring Toyota, and you make the Lexus. Of course, you need to actually start innovating again (hooray, hd screens 5 years late!) and get a little daring, but actually go upscale, there's a hell of a lot of people who will buy a premium phone ($1k or higher) just for status and premium features that nobody else can give you at current prices.

  18. Laila Hilll says:

    I just want good battery and call quality. I have had various samsungs and own a motorola but Iphones always seem more responsive even though on paper inferior. My next phone will be an iphone because whatever they are doing they are doing it better.

  19. Marlin Huel MD says:

    You're a fool if you believe Apple wants to remove the headphone jack out of pure greed, Apple wants to move technology forward and let's be honest, the headphone jack has been around like forever and it will be phased out sooner rather than later.

  20. Miguel Monahan says:

    Pretty much haha!

  21. Dr. Opal Strosin MD says:

    I enjoy my iphone 6 but here is what apple needs to do, a strong screen very strong 4 k or at least a 1080p retina. Minimal two models 64 g n 128 gig no 16 gig crap. The phones thin enough and make two midels id say a 5" screen and a 5.6 inch model used amoled too and for Gods sake put zedge on itunes n open the phone up to more apps!! The lg g5 lookn good !!

  22. Reba Emard says:

    It's easy to get confused….I get it. Apple sells iPhone's to iPhone users, who will buy ANYTHING they make. That's not a knock on Apple, they have tremendous brand loyalty, but virtually no new customers. Again, this isn't a bad thing. They can and should market a true premium phone, instead of competing in the average phone market, with real premium features, at a premium price. For some reason you think I'm trolling or an Android guy, when I've owned several iPhone's (and other Apple products, as well as Android devices). They could easily set themself up as a premium device phone, and as the 5c demonstrated pretty obviously, nobody's looking for a cheap iPhone. Cell phones are one of the new status symbols of the world, jump on that market while it's ripe for taking

  23. Prof. Americo Veum PhD says:

    1080p yes 4K no, it's unnecessary on a smartphone.

  24. Aletha Grimes says:

    You clearly don't know what you're talking about, iOS is amazing, I'm the opposite of you, Android doesn't excite me nearly as much as iOS and iPhone, as for the restrictions I'm absolutely fine with them as there for security, with Android, you need patience, and patience isn't one of my strongest traits and iOS suits me very well because I love it's simplicity, reliability and fluidity Android is lacking in in all 3 areas.

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