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iOS 9.3: What features are in the new iPhone and iPad update?


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  1. Katharina Durgan says:

    untill your touch screen faults and you need the capability of a force shut down…

  2. Prof. Eugenia Keebler says:

    That is an excellent idea! I have thought about that flaw but have never lost my phone so it was not enough concern to think of the solution. But requiring the pin or the fingerprint to shut down a device seems a simple additional step that should not be a bother to anyone and would provide a lot of potential benefit. Nice!

  3. Mr. Lennie Schuppe says:

    Actually you can adjust how red-shifted the screen is.

  4. Jaleel Stroman says:

    Apple introduces many features which are really useful. As an Apple user I am happy to see these features. But I think night mode won't help me a lot. Because I don't like the yellow color screen. It is better to use a screen protector like "ocushield" rather than using this feature.

  5. Dr. Amira Fadel PhD says:

    PLEASE tell me they've fixed the heavy noise reduction, which makes photos look waxy and smeared (even bright light), the IQ on the 6S is the worst I've seen, take a portrait photo and look at it at 100% on a monitor, looks like a watercolor painting and much worse than other high end smartphones… PLEASE Apple bring the natural look to photos back as soon as possible!!!

  6. Marilyne Legros says:

    I wish Apple would allow an app similar to Motorola's Smart Actions app. Also, I would love to see this: If you lose your iPhone somewhere, and a bad guy gets a hold of it, all he or she, would have to do is shut it off so it can't be tracked….Well… prevent a bad guy from doing that, a PIN or fingerprint should be required to shut off the iPhone. That way it stays on and it can be tracked via another apple product or thru the internet. That's my two cents……

  7. Nedra Upton I says:

    Looking forward to this. I've just recently installed Flux on my Mac so this is good timing.

  8. Audrey Kemmer says:

    I'm SO glad you split this content onto two pages. I would be exhausted if I had to view it all on one page. Thank you, TechRadar!

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