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  1. Carole Robel says:

    You misunderstood. I was talking about M7's polycarbonate sides.

  2. Francis Labadie says:

    You're lucky you still have your M7 :). Preach!

  3. August Feil says:

    They are digging their own grave man. I hope the leaks are fake! Couldn't they just put that silly scanner on the side like Sony did? Who needs that scanner anyway? Big Brother?

  4. Marilou Emard says:

    Preach bro. Since the change of the M7 HTC has gone down imo. Literally the best phone I ever owned.

  5. Donavon Marvin Sr. says:

    A better design???

    The design they have for M8 is great and I want all my future HTC´s looks like that.

  6. Miss Kellie Morissette says:

    My M7 is still running fine except for the purple camera.
    Still get 2 days standby on the battery

  7. Prof. Charles Ledner I says:

    Eh, I think "metal" is just thrown around in the mobile tech world to denote luxury. I'll always feel the M7 looked and felt the best out of any HTC device, especially with the red and blue exclusive colors that came out with it, had sort of a matte texture with sharp edges. Reason why I'm partial to the iPhone 5/5s over the 6/6s

  8. Mr. Quinton Lesch says:

    I agree, dumb advice like this is what ruined the M7.

  9. Prof. Rico Stehr says:

    We should start a petition!

  10. Jermain Balistreri says:

    me too! M8 is perfect, these spoiled kids possibly have ruined this beauty for the rest of us..

  11. Mr. Sylvester Stokes DDS says:

    Lucky. My brother has my old M7 which I still regret giving away, but his battery life is horrid unfortunately.

  12. Mrs. Talia Watsica V says:

    I'll agree it felt slippery initially, but no longer… You clearly stated polycarbonate though… Which you apparently know isn't the case…?

  13. Leatha Rowe says:

    Exactly, how much different can they make a phone. It's thin and it's a rectangle. They expect them to do something different than that?

  14. Prof. Amalia Klein PhD says:


    though i dont agree, having owned both and still using my m8, the m8 always felt like the more solid phone…not as easy to grip ill admit, but metal all round is always > than plastics.

  15. Mr. Braulio Schmeler III says:

    I am a huge HTC fan, but I'm annoyed they haven't come up with a better design, and I'm irritated they have gotten rod of the speakers to feature a pointless finger print scanner… they could have always put the finger print scanner on back or something so it didn't interfere with the speakers. Rather then getting rid of the speakers they should have made them better, while everyone else has taken notes form HTC and have decided to feature better speakers, HTC has decided to bloke always abandon a good idea rather then perfecting it.. HTC should have designed a phone with a wall to wall display, with no trim using corning 2d glass. I just dont get it, HTC needs bro being me min so I can design then a better phone that will actually be appealing. I am a huge HTC fan and only use HTC, but this is just depressing.

  16. Ryan Williamson says:

    Thanks God they got rid of the awesome speakers that were better than any phone on the market and set them apart form their competitors! Phew! Dodged a bullet on that one! …. WTF? They couldn't figure out another place for a fingerprint scanner?

  17. Lucile Raynor Sr. says:

    OMG REALLY? I think I speak for many when I say that if there no front facing stereo speakers with bass (like one M8,which is the best phone on Earth till date) then we will not be buying this phone, we will simply wait for M11 hoping for that FFSS. WTF HTC I hope the rumors are fake, for goodness sake. What's wrong with the world?

  18. Oren Dare says:

    Never has the phrase 'too little, too late' been more apt. S7 Edge on pre-order after 10 years of HTC.

  19. Prof. Yvette Jaskolski V says:

    Likewise, 2 years and going strong, easy day anD half use, fast, strong as a single piece of metal should be. Cannot stomach the cost of phones now… 1k + is a holiday to Malaysia for a week.. I imagine I'll be using a xiaomi or oneplus when it finally packs it in

  20. Dr. Reed Ruecker says:

    I had the htc one m7 when it first came out, and while I loved the design and feel, the battery died all the time and really put me off htc. But just from that teaser image the new one looks to be a pretty interesting design.

  21. Miss Eda Kuhn says:

    I have yet to see a device that noticeably outshines my One M8. All I ask is expandable storage, front firing speakers, and a nice aluminium look and feel…. Nothing has topped it yet. Hoping this one does.

  22. Lewis Berge DVM says:

    The M8 honestly felt more "fake" to me than the M7 with it's polycarbonate and metal design. I do love the shape of the M7, the phone was perfect in every way, if only they could upgrade the hardware and camera and re-release it with the same size I would be first in line again.

  23. Lynn Corwin says:

    M8 is the best in the World and I don't care what other fanboys chat about. Show me proof that any other phone is better? You haven't got any 🙂 FF stereo speakers or a major fail HTC.. C'mon!!!

  24. Lindsay Gottlieb says:

    The m8 is unibody aluminium… Literally nothing other than metal.

  25. Rory Bartell says:

    I know that. Doesn't change the slippery fake feel of the phone compared to the M7.

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