How Pentax made the DSLR of the future in a mirrorless camera world


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  1. Alexandra Becker says:

    "Pentax could also leverage its sensor stabilizing tech to capture even smoother video."

    They did that up to the K5 and discarded the concept in the K3 – if I remember right the reason cited was overheating and noise which was audible in the audio. So they would need to find a way to reduce heat and make SR silent. But considering Pentax doesn't really care about video, which is also evidenced in the K-1s specs (1080/30p), I doubt they will expend resources on this.

  2. Miss Eunice Walker II says:

    They have improved the SR and the cost is extra noise. The K-3's SR is louder than the K-5's. I agree they should give people the option as their current SR implementation is useless, but at the same time I understand why they went in that direction. The K-5 SR is far from perfect a long or really wide focal lengths as well.

  3. Damian Marks says:

    "MZ-D was saddled with a woeful, 6MP Philips CDD sensor"
    May I remind you that the Phillips sensor was far from woeful.
    It was,at the time the best available and and utilized by Phase One for their "High end" digital backs before being replaced with the 11mp chip.
    Contax also used the chip in their short lived full frame digital camera which I had the pleasure to use and only the 11mp chips different design prevented them from using it as it would have meant a total redesign of the camera electronics.
    Sure, by current standards the chips output was small,but it was superb quality.
    Size,as they say,isn't everything.

  4. Loyal Senger V says:

    Not for fun, but I think they misjudge their users. My impression is that they think their users are hobbyists who couldn't possibly invest in external recording, or even a microphone. My impression is that they think they have to protect their users from "confusing" options and things that could backfire (like bad audio), where really what they should do is give choices and trust the intelligence of their users.

  5. Prof. Perry Larson says:

    Well, the Ricoh representatives have officially stated in interviews that they disabled the feature due to noise concerns. I doubt they are artificially crippling the camera just for fun.

  6. Wanda Deckow III says:

    I don't think they mentioned overheating as a problem, I certainly never had issues with overheating in my K-5 despite shooting video with SR on. Other cameras were way worse in terms of overheating, and they didn't move around the sensor.

    The noise is barely audible during video anyway, on my K-5 it's so quiet it's hard to tell if it's just the microphone/ADC being not very good, or if it is really the SR mechanism. On lesser Pentax cameras it was more audible.

    Making SR silent is not necessary, those who actually do care about audio will use external microphones anyway, those who don't… well, they don't care about audio!

    All that is necessary is activating the feature again. I don't care if I can't hear a damn thing because the SR is so noisy… and again, it simply isn't.

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