Hands-on review: MWC 2016: HP Elite x3

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  1. Stanley Murray says:

    We all can see how biased this site is. Only Windows doesn't get a video with a hands on review……. blah!

  2. Miss Rowena Gislason II says:

    I never really understood the point of Continuum.

    The idea that your mobile phone can turn into a computer sounds nice until you realize that you need a dock, TV monitor, keyboard, and mouse, in which case you might as well just get yourself a real desktop computer and be done with it.

    The "empty" laptop is a joke. If you're going to carry an empty laptop around, shouldn't you just have a real laptop instead?

    Again, Microsoft's Continuum sounds nice on paper, but in reality it's useless for the overwhelming majority of consumers.

    It might work in an office environment where computers are shared among employees, but I can't think of any other setting where this could possibly work.

    Nevertheless, full credit to Microsoft for at least trying to do something different, even though it'll probably appeal to a very small minority.

  3. Bobbie Goldner says:

    I think you're missing the point slightly.

    It does still feel a bit new, and will take some time to adapt, but I feel in a few years most mobile phones will be doing something along the same lines.
    The idea is that your phone becomes your computer. You don't need anything else because it's powerful enough to do what most people require a computer to do day-to-day. And all you need is a keyboard/mouse/screen setup to use your own computer anywhere you are. No need for a laptop at home, PC in the office and a tablet on the go and a phone for calls because it's all one device.
    Yes, sure, you do have to have a screens with peripherals to use it as a full PC, but that's the same as a full PC. Only cheaper because you're buying a phone and a monitor, not a phone, tablet, laptop, PC, screen etc.

    Clearly it's a new and different way to work and will require thinking outside the box before you can understand the potential. I'm not saying it's perfect or will suit a lot of people just yet, but realistically the days of having multiple computers is nearly over the the vast majority of people.

  4. Mr. Ernest Robel says:

    But if it was an Iphone it would be perfect… right?

    The reviews on this website are getting worse and worse. It 'feels' like your holding a kindle – even though its a fraction of an inch bigger than other phablets?

  5. Prof. Rickey Bartoletti IV says:

    All you need is a Miracast monitor and a BT keyboard/mouse (or combo device).

    But you are thinking too limited here. We have a pre-release of the Surface Hub and you can Miracast a laptop to it and with "Touch Back" you can control that laptop from the touch screen on the Hub. The same would work for this phone. Plus the universal apps on the Hub are the same exact apps on this phone.

    Think of the XBox One or other devices with the same ability. MS has a long term strategy here and the Hub is the first to show up.

  6. Garland Harber says:

    imagine a pure smooth transition of information. you carry your phone around and plug it to a different meeting room to access the exact same information that you had previously. its kind of storing a state of your laptop to be transfered somewhere.

  7. Howell Metz says:

    WOW! When i see this, it makes me wonder what BEAST will the MSFT Surface Phone be.
    Excellent, that phone makes it harder to wait for the msft flagship 🙂

  8. Dr. Kamron Goldner says:

    With Miracast you do not even need to plug it in.

  9. Angus Romaguera IV says:

    LOL… I hope not. I would REALLy like to see MS succeed in this area. They still have the majority of installed business users… the reverse of the phone market. This type of design could be a huge way for them to get into the phone market. I like it.

  10. Waylon Ryan Jr. says:

    By adding an empty laptop HP just made the perfect use of Continuum. A powerfull Phone that is the center of our work.
    Use the phone to call, text etc
    When moving use the Laptop Mode to work better
    Back to office dock the phone and work with big screen keyboard and mouse.

    I really like the Idea and it's and idea that compagnies will like

  11. Archibald Fadel says:

    I think the end game is for phones to be powerful enough with enough processing power/memoryt/hardrive to run x86 programs. I can imagine a world where any existing public computer is replaced by a type c dock, keyboard and monitor and all you need is to put your phone on dock and you have you PC anywhere in world. Imagine how convenient this would be for people doing proper work on their PCs. Offices, airports, hotels, internet cafes, planes, public transport, driveless cars. It will be awesome if it takes off. Also not to mention once mirror casting becomes more reliable you won't even need a dock. Its called innovation and I think MS has the right idea but it will probably take APPLE to make it popular.

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