Hands-on review: MWC 2016: Alcatel Idol 4S

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  1. Prof. Aidan Raynor says:

    I have buyer's remorse after buying the idol 3 last year. It's a pretty good phone for the price but they don't have any plans to upgrade the OS version. If I had waited a couple months and spent $50 more I could have got a Moto X Play and had 6.0 already.

    If you visit their facebook page, the comments are full of people having problems with their phones breaking or not working properly. I haven't experienced anything like that, myself, but I wouldn't recommend anyone buy a phone from them.

    I won't be buying anything else from them for the next few years, and after that, only if their situation drastically improves. I'd say you get what you pay for, but you can get better phones for cheaper than the rumored prices they'll be asking for these new ones they just announced.

  2. Laron Nolan says:

    low spec cpu? it's actually on par and even faster than some of the 800 series CPU's. and of course this bit from the article contradicts what you wrote:

    "some will turn their nose up a little when they see the raw data: a
    Snapdragon 652 XPU and 3GB of RAM. However, don't be fooled by the
    mid-level CPU from Qualcomm – we're in a world where only the toughest
    of tasks need the high end engines"

    the mid leve 652 "XPU" is actually pretty fast.

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