Google Pixel 2 XL review: A conflicted second coming


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  1. marclee says:

    I have no idea why ppl nowadays still talk about sd card slot in 2018, it’s like asking for a CD-ROM in a laptop…..

  2. Nolisha K Fairfax-Westwood says:


  3. Paul Seamons says:

    I followed Nexus for many years. Never again. Both generations of Nexus 5 had hardware defects. It was mitigated because they were low cost. No way would I pay that much for a pixel device (or LG VG) with the same ancestry.

    I got a OnePlus 5t with 8G ram, 128G disk, monstrous beautiful display, awesome gestures, headphone jack, massive speed, a battery that sometimes gets me two and a half days, dash charge for a full charge in about an hour. It doesn’t have official waterproofing but I also don’t drop it in the toilet and some people have done dunk tests and it has passed just fine. The punchline… $550. Soooo much less than a pixel or samsung or LG. Never buy google again.

  4. JohnRightNow says:

    I have tried three pixel 2 XLs and have returned all of them. Coming from an iPhone X I simply can’t get passed the pixel 2 XL display. While it’s true Google increased color saturation the real issue with the display is the horrendous blue color shift when not looking dead on. For $1,000 phone in 2018 this is simply unacceptable.

    1. latz says:

      Good thing it’s 850 then ….

  5. ariana johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post. The Pixel 2 XL perks up the now excellent Pixel 2 including more screen space. It has an excellent camera, waterproofing and the Google Lens feature that supports you learn more about the world around you.

  6. Karl Rainer says:

    looks like Androids version of the iphone 8 plus. I.e. a brick, inferior display (compared to other flagships) and brightness, no headphone socket, out of date design, bezels, no expandable storage (big no no). This may have cut the mustard a year ago, but not in late 2017.

  7. Small Moments Like These says:

    I’ll take a tuned sRGB color gamut over a super saturated Candy Land gamut. Yes, it’s pretty too look at. My Nexus 6 uses a Samsung AMOLED panel. But for those of us who take a lot of photos and videos. Color accuracy comes out on top. Specially when editing on the device itself. And I’ve grown sick of my super saturated Samsung OLED in my Nexus 6. Edited photos on the device look great on the device, and other OLED panels. But look like trash on any other panel and screen. Specially calibrated screens.

    I for one, applaud Google for breaking out of the Candy Land trend Samsung brought into the mobile world. Being more real and allowing the top rated camera to really shine in post. I don’t always have access to my computer with Adobe. So being able to edit with accuracy on the go is leaps and bounds over the fake dream world people have gotten stuck on as a “standard”.

  8. Rashad Abdul-Azeem says:

    With displays getting better nowadays, this is a let down from Google, not sure why they ditched the headphone jack either. All in all it’s still a good phone, but the competition is just as good or even better.

  9. toboev says:

    So when you grip this in the jaws of your typical car dash mount, does it launch Google Assistant at you?

    1. Chris Hall says:

      No it won’t, you can adjust the sensitivity of the response in the software and the experience of using this on the HTC U11 (which offers the same feature) was that it needed to a deliberate press. Those car mounts are unlikely to grip it in that way. Also, if you don’t like the feature you can turn it off. When I’ve encountered it previously I didn’t use it much so just disabled it…

  10. pcf_Mactronix says:

    Looks like a pretty good phone.Its too expensive for what it is though. (All flagships are these days) Also its a Google phone so its got an EOL of exactly 2 years regarding updates something I personally detest.
    My phone is just coming up to 2 years and importantly will be getting a software upgrade soon.
    There are no phones that do anything I want that my phone cant do and most importantly phones that are the equivalent of my phone would be 25% + more to get on a contract.
    So pay at least a quarter more money each month for no improvement …….Think I will pass thanks

    1. Gerard Krupa says:

      3 years of support for these models according to the official specs

      1. pcf_Mactronix says:

        Thats not been confirmed yet. Also the question of what it actually means if it is true still needs to be cleared up. Is it security only or does it include features ?

        1. Victor Creed says:

          Its 3 years of OS updates. The Original Pixels get 3 years of security updates and 2 years of OS updates.

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