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Exclusive: Spotify confirms it won’t be dropping Windows Phone


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  1. Waino Wolff Sr. says:

    Spotify like most companies should consider dropping WP as it is a poor platform against iOS and Android. Although I'm an iOS, iPhone and Apple guy I'd still pick WP over Android.

  2. Casey Fay II says:

    Which Windows 10 edition? –

    * Windows 10 Mobile: I'm guessing Spotify mean this edition.

    * Windows 10 Home/Pro: Does this finally mean a Spotify for tablets is coming? Personally I doubt it when Spotify for Windows Desktop exists.

  3. Jarrett Ullrich says:

    You may want to reword that comment.

  4. Marty Littel says:

    we know you're an ios guy bennie….you seem to point that out on every single post you make….

    still no upvotes though….

    lifes though.

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