Color matching the GH5 and Canon C300 MKI: can it be done?


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  1. Erik Naso says:

    I installed V-Log L today so looking forward to part 2. Anything you folks are interested in? Let me know.

  2. Liam says:

    Certainly very interested to see a video of the results. The main reason I cancelled my GH5 order in the end is because I still have a personal bias for canon colours, and was a bit underwhelmed by the GH5 content I’ve seen online so far, particularly concerning dynamic range and overall aesthetic. If this ends up looking good to my eye then maybe it’s time to reconsider! Sorely tempted by the 4k 10bit for obvious reasons compared to my puny C100 internal codec.

    1. Erik Naso says:

      I wish I could share the video but can’t until after it’s on the air. Sorry about that. It’s been a super busy couple of weeks that hasn’t lent for test shooting. When I have V Log installed i’ll do a full test with color charts. I’m used to mixing cameras in a single spot and when I saw how close the two where I decided to do a quick write up. I’m liking the skin tone a lot and the 10 bit 422 100Mbps Long GOP is pretty good. The C300 mki is 8bit 422 50Mbps. Long GOP so impressive internal codec and will be even better soon with All-I and 400Mbps. I like Canon color too but I can grade cameras to get the look I want in the end and so far the GH5 is delivering some nice images for me.

      1. nakean says:

        The GH5 is MUCH closer to the canon color I love. I’m really enjoying the camera and internal 10bit. I shoot canon for stills so am very familiar with the color. GH4 was much more orange/yellow in the reds than the new GH5

  3. Nigel T. says:

    Great work, Eric, as usual. Thanks. I find the Natural setting to be extremely effective in most situations, and underrated in the stampede to use VLog (which I do have).

    Somewhat off-topic – I think you have the XLR unit. I use a SmallHD Sidefinder with my GH5, and mounting it and the XLR unit just won’t work with my 8Sinn cage… It’d be wonderful if Panasonic would produce a off-camera flash type cable to reposition the XLR unit… Until then, it’s the JuicedLink Riggy… Any thoughts?

    1. Erik Naso says:

      I like Natural a lot and the colors are very nice. As for the DMW-XLR1 I just got it a few days ago and haven’t fully tested it yet. It sure is nice and simple. I had the YAGH for GH4. Woof! That thing was rough. You’er right. It would be great to have a coiled cable to be able to relocate the adapter on a cage. Would be worth mentioning it to Panasonic at Cine Gear. I like the Riggy. Used it a lot and it’s a solid preamp.

      1. Nigel T. says:

        Erik (sorry for the incorrect spelling previously), I was hoping you’d suggest mentioning the idea to Panasonic at Cine Gear… In the meantime, here’s the rig I just assembled with the Riggy… a fairly compact little unit… https://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.c

        1. Elliot Smith says:

          Cute rig!

        2. Erik Naso says:

          Looks great! i’ll be at Cine Gear and will talk to Panasonic about the cable.

  4. Barry Goyette says:

    Hey Erik, Not that it matters much…but your C300 does do 720p60, (not limited to 60i as the article says).

    1. Erik Naso says:

      I didn’t want to uprez. It softens the image to much. Thanks

      1. Jesse says:

        I think the point he was making was that the C300 shoots 720 60p and not 60i. Just a bit of miss information in the article is all.

        1. Erik Naso says:

          I updated the post. Thanks guys.

  5. FocusPulling says:

    FYI, in case readers don’t catch this, the test fundamentally omits V-Log on the GH5 and therefore is less fully representative of the potential to match the different cameras.

    1. Erik Naso says:

      This is a working example not a test. I used both cameras on a working set and will be in a spot that will be on the air. I think readers “will” get a better idea of the potential here regardless of V-log not being installed on the GH5.

      1. FocusPulling says:

        Thought you’d actually agree. Publication arguably jumped the gun in advance of actual apples to apples (new content isn’t a quota unless advertisers say so or whatever). If you did have V-Log (it’s easy to get), you would have done the test that way, right? Then it wouldn’t be readers only just getting a “better idea”…

  6. andrewbrady says:

    Speaking as someone who cuts 30 second commercials from long interviews and multiple takes for a living, I find matching cameras to be most challenging when shooting the same scene side by side. It’s also worth noting that if you’re relying on natural light for any part of your setup, things can start looking real funky real quick if you need to start stringing bits together from different cameras at different parts of the scene. These are the situations where the more robust and professional codecs on the professional cameras shine and the prosumer cameras show why they are priced at what they are priced at.

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