Chronos Hits Kickstarter: $2,500 21,500fps Camera Smashes Goal


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  1. dslrforever says:

    I tell you what, how about you believe in your own product and raise your own money, take the risk that other businesses take, and then put a product out on the market and let it be tested and critiqued, and then we’ll talk. I’m not going to fund someone else’s dream without them taking any of the risk.

  2. Ocelotty1 says:

    640×96 resolution at max FPS – pretty grainy I suspect

  3. Me, Myself and I says:

    21500fps running at 24fps is 15 minutes (14.9…) of play time per second of footage recorded. LOL

    Music videos, (Ok Go | The One Moment for example), industrial, scientific … there is a good market for a good, low cost high speed camera like this I think.

  4. bob cooley says:

    1280×1024 seems like a strange resolution – this is a monitor resolution, but not a standard video resolution (1920×1080).

    Can anyone explain to me if this is a relevant resolution in video production (not being snarky – honest question).

    1. Gvido Mūrnieks says:

      It is likely some kind of speciality CCTV sensor. Most of them are comparably low resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio. 16:9 aspect ratio sensors are rarity. I genuenly haven’t ever heard of one, altough I am sure, that some exist…

      1. bob cooley says:

        That sounds plausible – disappointing, thought – it would be hard to use with a regular media project

        1. Gvido Mūrnieks says:

          For somewhat high end commercial work – you can still rent Phantom. But for a lot of youtubers and people in education sector – the resolution is good enough. Sure, it would be better if resolution was higher, but it would also mean higher price point.
          …so, it’s all about compromises.

          1. bob cooley says:

            Indeed 🙂 I would love to be able to mix footage with other projects, but that means renting the Phantom – I love backing these sort of projects, but at the pricepoint, its hard to justify using it a toy that doesn’t mate up with the rest of my production sizes.

        2. CrashingOut says:

          Agreed, I want at least 1080p for a camera this expensive – doesn’t even have to be quite so fast, just not wonky bar beleaguered segments

          1. shannon.bixler says:

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