Canon C300 Mk II price drop: now under $10K US


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  1. Doug Ray says:

    I think they should just bite the bullet, make one camera, call it the C250 or something, put everything they’ve ever thought of in there, then build as many as they can, pile them high and charge $10k for it.

    They’d sell a bazillion of them.

  2. Bee says:

    I’m not in the market now but I am surprised the C300mII hasn’t made a bigger impact. It certainly has in particular spaces (docu, branded content), but seems like it hasn’t over all.
    Reason I’m surprised is because when it comes down to it, the image is seriously stunning. It’s a wonderful image. Maybe it’s the lack of 4k 60p? In this day and age, that did seem like an oversight to not include.

    1. Freelance cameraman China/HK says:

      Price, lack of 60p, lack of high frame rate, new battery, new recording media, larger than previous model, very plastic feeling, (most of the C300 screen lock is damage when you go for a rented one)

      Sony was not my favorite brand, but after moving to Sony with FS7 mark 2, I don’t look back to Canon. Even cheaper price don’t make the camera more appealing. If they were to give the C200 the right codec, it will be a must have, but they need 10 months to do so from now!

      The vari ND, so many lens option, cheap powering option, plenty of buttons, plenty of codec, high frame rate… all is there.

  3. Minu Park says:

    … hahaha….

    while Red camera is priced up, Canon priced it down…

    I feel bad for people who bought the camera. I guess c200 would be priced down very quickly as well…

  4. David M. Wexler says:

    I was just told point blank from the west coast rep that the C300 Mk2 would not get a RAW light upgrade. He was a little “mums the word” on the 2018 Codec for the C200….If the C300 MK2 got that upgrade I’d buy it now… Canon makes a lovely image no doubt and they lead in the auto focus realm. There cameras are always a step up in premium….

    1. Kyle says:

      Honestly, I just want some firmware love when it comes to 4k 60p and full sensor readout 2K 120p.

      If they can do that I’ll keep this as a B cam when Mark III comes out.

      If they can’t, I’m selling and switching systems.

      Ball’s in your court Canon!

  5. heller.citlalli says:
    1. Elliot Smith says:

      John I’m deleting this post, we like to have a lively discussion below the line but we also want the site to be welcoming for everyone – please lose the swearing and casual misogyny in the future.

    2. Jason Brooks says:

      Thanks for your insight JD. Somehow your choice of rhetoric suggests to me that you may be harbouring some misogynistic tendencies in there.

      I can’t see any connection between BALLS, being a ‘MALE MAN’ (whatever the hell that is), and the RAW workflow.

      1. john doe says:

        You’re welcome JB!! The one thing canon gets right is color….and the thing that gets the c200 right is internal RAW. And touch screen auto focus. My attitude comes from dealing with sony cyan..misogynistic??? Nah …but if the c300 mark 2 gets internal raw ill buy you a cup of coffee….CHEERS!

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