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Buying Guide: Best cheap phones in the US for 2016


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  1. Jayden Eichmann says:

    This doesn't make sense. It says the Moto G has been "knocked back to fourth" when they've clearly got it listed at #1.

  2. Leola Pagac says:

    Picked up (2) Microsoft Lumia 640's in November for $39 each no contract. Installed Windows 10 mobile on one and have not looked back. Corporate / Personal email / calendars / apps. They do everything I need them to do.
    Only using the Win10 device, 8.1 is for backup only. Great value.

  3. Sibyl Brown says:

    xiaomi redmi 3. It's not here, although you would have a hard time getting it in the U.S. , should be on the list. Matter of fact, the more expensive xiaomi, is priced right, and be just over a budget phone.

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