Buying Guide: 10 best mirrorless cameras in 2016

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  1. Prof. Letha Littel Jr. says:

    yes I agree the Sony range of cameras are fantastic and the snobs overlook them because of the name. more fool them. I have owned several NEX models and the picture quality is one of the best and beats Nikon big time. especially the rubbish p520.

  2. Horacio Cummings says:

    The EOS-M is available on-line now for less than US$300 – inc' 18-55mm lens.

  3. Dr. Russel Pouros says:

    Interesting observation on the XT1. Have you a bad experience with one, as i had the XE2 and gave me incredible clear images with no noise, even at higher ISOs. Took ages to get optimum settings after doing tons of test shots, but great camera nonetheless

  4. Rory Walker says:

    My bias and personal vote goes to the Sony a7R II as the best mirrorless camera as of today. It is not compact but smaller and lighter.I don't consider the x-t1 as compact at all esp if you put the 50-140. Anyway, those listed and omitted mirrorless cameras will give you excellent images. I will be happy to own any of those.

  5. Guy Streich says:

    measurebator spotted!

  6. Chaz Schmidt says:

    fuck you're shit. are you the type of person who whinges over how the industry calls it "UHD" instead of "4k"? Who cares what the terminology is for it. This is a list for all people, not just people who want to dish 2,000 for an a7. it's to appeal to a wide range of people. Jesus.

    source: own 5dIII, eos m and recently an a7s

  7. Kurtis Beatty says:

    I almost agree, but am saving up for the A7S (or A7Sii) for the mind-blowing low light performance. Every photo can look good in lab conditions at 100 ISO, but real world low light is the bane of every (other) camera ever made.

  8. Wilford Cummerata Sr. says:

    The Sony a7r has just been superseded by the (somewhat obviously named) a7r II. It's bigger, better, and of course, even more expensive!

  9. Erica Sporer says:

    Canon pays. Sony obviously doesn't.

  10. Murray Kovacek DVM says:

    yes I agree the Sony range of cameras are fantastic and the snobs overlook them because of the name. more fool them.

  11. Prof. Aubrey Pagac says:

    Hard to see why you would include the Canon EOS-M in any recommendation of anything. Possibly the worst camera ever made and easily Canon's worst effort. I presume they will do better next time, but other than as a backup (with the bulky adaptor attached) for those with a Canon DSLR I can't see why anyone would consider it.

  12. Noelia Dicki says:

    Please elaborate your one sided opinion.
    Unless you're a nikon fanboy, I don't get why you hate it that much.

  13. Miss Pansy Purdy I says:

    Lenses for the A600 aren't bulky and they don't make it particularly difficult to hold the camera. It's an APS-C sized camera, same as DSLR Nikons, and the lenses are far, far smaller for the former than the latter. Some of the optics are really small, like the 16 and 20mm lenses.

  14. Elody Lebsack says:

    Exactly…just look at the commend they made about the A7ii compare to other$$$ …this is laughable to say the least.

  15. Vicky Mayert says:

    Check the date.

  16. Bethel Daugherty says:

    Never owned a Nikon. No Canon or Nikon in this year's list.

  17. Ayden Schmeler says:

    You bet…it is April Fool$$$$ …hope those check were pretty fat to make your reputation even worst by spreading all this BS techradar.

  18. Prof. Eulah Toy says:

    I juts can't take this review seriously at all.
    No canon in the top ten?
    No samsung? Not one of the cameras listed here can compete with the Samsung NX1. How could it not make the list?

  19. Afton Goldner says:

    It must be April 1st since only a FOOL could come up with these rankings.

  20. Vickie Okuneva III says:

    You should update your review and opinion of the Eos-M. A recent frimware update to version 2.0.2 has reduced the autofocus time of the lenses considerably compared to the original firmware. I have one and a 600d and its a joy to use and have the image quality of the 600d in such a small compact body!

  21. Emely Conroy DVM says:

    It's hilarious how self-appointed digital camera bloggers think 'CSC' is a thing. It isn't. 'Compact' = no, many of these cameras are not compact. Smaller (slightly) than a DSLR, but we already have a class of camera called compact. These aren't them. 'System' = More frequently used is 'ILC' or MILC because very few people acknowledge or use the term 'system camera'. It's vague. Also, 'CSC' excludes cameras like the X100 series, fixed lens Leicas and does not exclude MIRRORED models. So the only bit that sets a 'CSC' apart is… Size? And as the A7RII and bigger NX, Olympus and Fuji models show, these aren't compact.

    Also funny is how the dubious X-Trans photo quality of the X-T1 earns it top honors, here. 16MP, terrible demosaicing issues, soft clarity JPEGs. You're basically touting it because it looks cool and takes a 'hands off' image that has a nice film coloring to it. In short, you're obviously not photographers. The A7 series beats everything on this list in terms of IQ and competes well in the feature set: WiFi NFC, downloadable apps, 24, 32 and now 42MP sensors, full frame with wide ranging legacy adaptation capabilities, good-if-not-DSLR level autofocus performance, etc. etc.

    Long story short, Sony didn't pay their ad bill this month. The A7 is the camera everyone loves to clickbait-hate.

  22. Haylee Collier says:

    If the picture you used for this article is shot with a Fuji X-Pro1 you can poke them!

  23. Vicky Predovic says:

    About the A7ii you said…."our lab tests show it has no clear performance advantage over its best APS-C rivals, the Fuji X-T1 and Samsung NX1"
    What kind of labs are you referring to? A meth lab? Cause that will explain how you make such stupid statements that can be proven wrong by any other test ever made. Seriously….you guys are the worst of the worst when it comes to "reviews" or you got very good incentive$$$ to be this dumb.
    I hope people out there do a lot more research than just going by such clueless articles as this one.
    What is next, your cellphone matches real cameras too?

  24. Casimer Bins says:

    are you blind
    canon arent in this list

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