Buying Guide: 10 best Chromebooks 2016: top Chromebooks reviewed


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  1. Ronny Williamson says:

    I have a new Toshiba Chromebook 2 w/4Gb ordered and on the way. Your opinion is in line with the research I've done.

  2. Ward Zieme II says:

    hope to see 20" chromebook with wire and wireless connect on sale

  3. Bruce Stroman says:

    I love these build quality nuts for them a garden variety brick is the best computer (It's built like a brick shithouse!) Bar none!

  4. Arnold Schimmel says:

    Where's "here"?

  5. Osborne Hahn says:

    "google announced that they will be discontinuing Chrome OS and focus on Android instead"

    Google said no such thing, Christian.

  6. Kurt Bosco says:

    Laptop repair rates average more than 15%.

  7. Noe Schamberger says:

    I don't like how the Toshiba Chromebook 2 got 5th place. In my opinion it should have at least got third. The 2015 edition is a wonderful Chromebook, a lot better processor (Intel Celeron 3215U) than the "Rockchip" in the Asus Chromebook flip. Also not to mention that the 1080p screen on the Toshiba is better than the Asus' (1,280 x 800) but the color accuracy is better than the Dell Chromebook 11. The Asus also has 2GB of ram! – and yes upgradable but that is not whats listed on the review specs.
    My day job is not to review laptops for an online website but I fail to see why the Toshiba fell behind the Asus or the Dell. Sure battery life is important but, if your machine is running a crap processor (Asus) with an okay screen with barely enough ram to run more than 3-4 tabs; then what ever floats your boat I guess.

  8. Parker Nitzsche DVM says:

    Does anyone know if the newer cb35 version will ever make it to the UK?

  9. Dr. Vicenta Sporer says:

    Except Toshiba is ramping down production of their Chromebook 2 as it isn't making them any money and they are prepping for their merger with Vaio and Fujitsu. We have a lot of them at work (school district) and we now only have a certain allotment each month that we can purchase which is maybe 200 if we are lucky.

    We are looking at potentially the Dell Chromebook 13 to replace it if we can get the price down.

  10. Dagmar Mann says:

    Your laptop still has to do all the computing.

  11. Audra Ryan PhD says:

    There it is, I don't have this laptop. But this is a good offer.

  12. Martina Casper says:

    The specs of many of these are quite a bit different in this article than what is actually on the manufacturers websites along with the direct links. The article says 4gb memory and 32gb SSD……but the links show 2gb memory and 16gb SSD. Pretty big difference.

  13. Savannah Huels III says:

    Your right, but the fan runs seldomly and is very quiet when it does.

  14. Mylene Thiel IV says:

    I read the specs, checked a couple of reviews. I would never buy it. Thanks for looking it up.

  15. Kelly Watsica says:

    "Chrome OS is a bad joke"

    A comment which proves you don't understand a thing about it.

  16. Mr. Kevon Rempel says:

    what if 22" chromebook that is so great for me because I am a old man who need big screen

  17. Dr. Ellsworth Runolfsson says:

    Not at this price point it doesn't.

  18. Maia Schiller Jr. says:

    The last sentence before the reviews start: "Always updated, here are our top-ranking Chromebook reviews."

  19. Prof. Shany Ortiz says:

    Compared to the author, I think that you may be much more on numerical hardware specs, particularly CPU speed. By design, what's important to good Chromebook performance is not quite the same as it is for a Windows workstation. Since Chromebooks are Cloud-based devices, CPU speed may only make a discernible difference when lots of tabs are open. I use an Asus Flip with 4 GB RAM. It's aluminum case gives it ruggedness. Its size gives it optimal portability. Its 360 degree rotation gives it versatility comparable to a 2-in-1. It's plenty fast. And the screen is plenty sharp for Web apps and videos. For the price, you just get a lot of real-life satisfaction.

  20. Dashawn Frami says:

    Yes it does.
    You need to look a good location to get such offer.

  21. Mr. Rickey Fahey MD says:

    Did I say that the Pixel 2 WASN'T the best CB? For me, the build quality of the Dell put it ahead of the Toshiba. That's my opinion and the reason that I made the choice. Others make their choices for other reasons, which are perfectly valid. I'm not a Dell fanboy, I'm not standing on the corner saying it's the best thing since sliced bread. I prefer the Dell's display and the "feel" of the unit over the Toshiba, and in truth, over the Pixel. But that's just me, and that's why there are multiple options on the market. Lighten up, Francis.

  22. Jazlyn Lockman PhD says:

    It's a moot point for me anyways. Everything I need to do can be done faster and easier on a Chromebook. I simply don't need nor want a laptop or pc.

  23. Barney Dickens I says:

    Hey RMP you make some great points. I guess the reason for my rant was I had purchased the Asus Flip but with 2GB or RAM from a local Best Buy. When I ran YouTube with two or three tabs open it definitely had "jank" for a lack of terms. The aluminium case was a very nice touch on Asus's part and yes the screen was better than the competition at that price point. If you have the Asus Flip with good satisfaction then it was definitely the lack of ram and not the processor. Yes Chrome-OS is cloud-based, but a there's still a standard that needs to met for good user experience for web browsing and music streaming. And in this case it looks that 4GB of RAM is the standard. Any further thoughts?

  24. Brody Schneider PhD says:

    Take a look at the new CTL NL6x Chromebook. For education, the whiteboard is awesome. The top cover shell provides an amazing amount of protection from the soft spot in the middle of the lid from screen breakage and it comes with a 1 year full warranty.

  25. Macy Kling says:

    Not a single link goes to the product described. You've had 2+ years to get it right. Lazy journalism and product placement. That's me unsubscribed from all techradar products.

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