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  1. Candido Dooley says:

    isnt it odd that the samsung tab s gets a – for having small on board storage, when the nexus 9, wich isnt expandable, doesnt..

  2. Lenora Jakubowski says:

    you manage to put the iPad Pro above the Surface Pro 4, when just about every other review by people actually trying to use it for things put the SP4 well ahead of it.

  3. Travon Huels MD says:

    I for one prefer Apple Macs and won't change anytime soon, but I have no time for iOS devices. I have an iPad Air 2 but am researching the best Android tablet as iOS is way too restrictive, no file browsing ability, limited Bluetooth transfer support, no memory expansion, and too dependent on having access to the cloud or data and iTunes for file management. A good tablet should be able to stand alone as a travel device without peripheral support, yet the iPad is constantly listed as the top tablet ! It's a lovely device when utilized in its ecosystem if you're ok with buying everything Apple to support it, but if you prefer flexibility and technical independence, there are better options surely. I expect that with most iPad users including myself, it's hard to switch when you've spent a load on certain apps that aren't available elsewhere.

  4. Tara Prosacco says:

    I want windows 10 tablet.
    1. Using Intel 6th Gen (non atom)
    2. Micron 3d Xpoint memory
    3. At least 64 GB storage
    4. Mini HDMI
    5. at least 2 USB Port
    6. 4G

  5. Phyllis Reilly Sr. says:

    Errrrm, the samsung tab s has better pixel density, memory and processor than the i pad air

  6. Cesar Nicolas says:

    Flame Wars!!!

  7. Elisa Haley II says:

    Where's the Galaxy Tab S2? This was updated only 2 hours ago.

    In what world is a 2 year old iPad Mini 2 better than the Nexus 9 (or Xperia Z4)?

  8. Arturo Veum says:

    Why no Nvidia shield tablet k1? It beats Ipad air 2 by a long shot, it has better performance and it only cost 200 usd. That's lesser than half of price of an ipad air 2!

  9. Candace Kris MD says:

    My main beef with Apple is the lack of storage.16GB is paltry and there is no option for and SD or MicroSD. Of course you can upgrade to 64 or 128 but you are paying through the nose for it, and even then it still not removable storage.

    As for "We don't need it because everything is stored on the cloud". That is a moot point, because you can only access that if you have an internet connection which can really hamper this supposed " fix".

    Once again Apple prove its about money over its customer base.

  10. Ms. Elise Glover says:

    Odd the Surface Pro 4 is at 9 and not in the top 5.

  11. Ethel Fay says:

    It costs about 3 times as much to replace a cracked cover glass on the iPad Air 2 than it it does to replace one on the older iPad Air, as the cover glass, touch sensitive layer and pixels are now all combined into one very thin unit. So the older unit would be a better choice for use by children or shaky older people.

  12. Chesley McLaughlin says:

    Anything Apple should be last on the list. In fact, they shouldn't be on the list! Sure, their products are pretty, but they are garbage. The iOS is a hot steaming iMess, and don't get me started on iTunes, iRadio, and iCloud. I bought a $650 iPad and it lasted for exactly one year. The battery died and it would not boot up. The rep said, "Unfortunately some of them don't last." And with that I walked out of an Apple store for the last time. By the way, I had two iPhones. Both died within two years. The battery died on both and they don't replace them.

  13. Dr. Ron Barrows says:

    I'll stick with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S and it's film and game friendly screen size.

    I can't believe the NVIDIA Shield didn't get a mention

  14. Saige Blanda says:

    can't believe people still repeat this nonsense.

  15. Scarlett Deckow MD says:

    Come on Techradar people – your Apple Bias is getting ridiculous. Ipad Air2 number 1 and Samsung TabS2 3rd??? Tab S2 is lighter 256g vs 437g. it has an Octa core CPU, an extra 1gb Ram, 32gb storage out of the box (that's 2X ipad) and you can add more with a memory card and twice the megapixel front camera. The other specs (resolution, rear camera) are the same. Oh – nearly forgot – its also quoted on your web site as cheaper by over €30…. and yet you rate Apple no1…. Duh?

  16. Miss Catherine Keebler says:

    fanboy ^^

  17. Dr. Daphne Barrows Jr. says:

    I finally got the ipad air 2 128 as I know of no other tablet which covers my professional needs in a sound recording studio – including the high quality apps available and the various means for linking them and their files, also the itrack dock for linking the various equipment.

    Every tablet user has his/her own particular needs and preferences, and competing firms wonderfully produce and improve on something for everybody.

    Thanks for the review and its updates, and thanks for those user comments that stem from personal experience 🙂

  18. Amy Brekke says:

    If there's a tablet that can replace a desktop PC in all environments, it wouldn't be an iPad. There are too many PC comparable features the iPad lacks but other tablets (OSes) can do… Such as NFC/Bluetooth file sharing support (among devices from other manufacturers), effective device file browsing, and proper email attachment management among others. Sure the iPad is a beautiful device and a pleasing tablet experience, but it's just too dependent on having internet data and iTunes available and for people who travel the world and have to operate in less developed environments, a more flexible and independent tab might be preferred. I'm one of those people, so my iPad Air 2 might soon find an Xperia Z4 Tab or Galaxy Tab S taking the driver's seat.

  19. Zakary Labadie MD says:

    Still NO MENTION the Tab S2 also has an official keyboard.

    Why is the Surface Pro 4 at 9 of all places?

    Windows tablets are so different from IOS or Android tablets I'm not sure they should even be in the same list.

    If they do I'd say it should be at 3 after the iPad Air 2 then Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

    Which is a better tablet to the Pixel C due to it's MicroSD, Super Amoled screen and stripped back TouchWiz experience.

  20. Frederique Kihn says:

    I wonder why thinner and lighter is so appreciated for tablets. The thinner the edge is, the more uncomfortable it is in our precious hands. The big advantage of tablets is the vastly improved ergonomy while working, so why put this spanner in the works. Still, a back case such as my Tkoofn puts this right. I personally can't sit stooping for long over a non-virtual keyboard on a desk or even my lap. That's why I no longer work with my feet on the floor thanks to my ipad3 (unfortunately only 16gb).

    I do use a tactile-screen laptop for some work: ipad+logitech keyboard. The ipad can fall off the keyboard while working, so I have to be a bit careful, but this may have been improved with the ipad air 2 version. I wonder if this is something Apple is going to offer in the fall?

    The perceived screen size of todays ipads is equivalent to that of a desktop screen, and the readability of most web pages improved significantly by using Reader View. My old eyes are very thankful. The pro size might not be as easy to handle and, although the mini ipad is considered the best size by my family, I will stick to the happy medium ipad.

    I'm getting the ipad air 2 64gb as I'm hoping developers of apps, particularly for musicians, music creators, and sound technicians, will soon take advantage of its improved power. I don't think 128gb is necessary yet as work can be stored in the cloud. I prefer my fast-download hosting service: o2switch (French).

    Does anybody agree with me about the ergonomic aspects of using an ipad air 2 pc* for work instead of a desktop pc?

    *PC = Personal Computer

  21. Christine McLaughlin says:

    Since when the iPad Mini can surpass Surface 2 [no Pro]? TR gotta be kidding or more biased by the time.

  22. Mathias Schaefer Jr. says:

    Could you tell us what these situations are? Its not memory as you most probably have a 128G being a traveller. I'm curious.

  23. Avis Huels says:

    LOL apple is #1 ….. HAHA you know shit-all about tablets, tablet hardware, and device affordability.

    fanboys are the fucking worst.

  24. Zachariah Cole says:

    Apple make nice products (they don't innovate at all but their products are nice)… I used to prefer Android, I'm currently writing this on a Samsung galaxy note pro 12.2.
    The thing that's putting me off Android products is that they are rarely upgraded to the next os. My note pro is still on android 4.4.2 even though I was told (by Samsung on twitter) it would be updated to 5.0 and then 6.0 when it arrived. I was lied to, that's not Androids fault, it is Samsung but I feel Google should force all manufacturers using Android to upgrade all devices that are capable of using the next os.
    My note pro can surely handle 5.0 but Samsung won't commit to date for the update in the UK and it's winding me up.
    The current lack of Android updates is surely just a way of ensuring more people buy the next Android based product but it is wearing thin with most Android users. So much so that I have an ipad air 2 now, I prefer my note pro 12.2 but the day will come when my memory is full and even though my note pro has an SD card slot, the os can't utilise it properly so I will eventually swap to the ipad.
    At least apple devices are updated when they are capable.

  25. Dr. Breanna Barton says:

    I'm not impressed on the listing because the criteria in which each tablet is evaluated upon is not consistent. Example, Sony Xperia z4 was considered pricy while ipad air2 was not. Specs vs specs while price vs price.

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