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  1. Myah Murphy says:


  2. Prof. Juliana Towne says:

    Personally I preffer some minimalistic indie games, like that "Jumpster" one they released on GooglePlay this week, it seems quite fun.

  3. Dimitri Kuhn says:

    Someone played "Logic Worm"? My kids love it.

  4. Cecil Ondricka says:

    Age of strategy is a pretty good game to check out

  5. Forrest Kuphal says:

    100 clicks required to see all of them? Surely you can make it easier than that

  6. Fleta Beier says:

    This list is missing a very in depth and fun to play strategy game called "Age of Strategy".

  7. Kara Ledner says:

    This new application is interesting too.

  8. Katelyn Green says:

    Where's Beach Buggy Racing?! And why Dead Trigger instead of Dead Trigger 2 if it's a 2014 list?

  9. Halle Rutherford says:

    I wish minecraft is one

  10. Frankie Schuppe says:

    What about arcade game Colorappa? I think that this game will be very popular next months

  11. Ms. Dana Smitham says:

    All of these "games" are garbage. Play something like Brave Frontier,Clash of Clans,etc.

  12. Dr. Nellie Schoen PhD says:

    My top 5 puzzle games
    – Bubbles go to the war
    – Fruit Legend
    – Cut the Rope
    – Juice Cubes
    – Slice Ice

  13. Prof. Icie Von PhD says:

    Who would wanna click through all those games? Make a list… -_-

  14. Watson Harvey says:

    Free Games Android

  15. Treva Kohler PhD says:

    Tetris was launched in 1984 so it is 31 years old – not 25

  16. Samson Schimmel says:

    Also try age of strategy its a fun and interesting strategy game for phones

  17. Miss Edyth Boyle says:

    Here is a free game I found and it's way more fun than Swing Copters.
    its name is Crazy Swing Penguin on google play. you'll love it. i got addicted to it.

  18. Prof. Bennie Hoeger III says:

    Awesome new game ICY BARRELS pretty hard though unlike most arcade games

  19. Lyla Anderson says:

    You lost me at having to click 100 times. Nothankyouverymuch

  20. Sabryna Waters says:

    I found an amazing game: RATAFISH!! It's very addictive!

  21. Genoveva Leuschke says:

    How does trap sound "rubbish" Those games are basically a variation of the classic arcade game Qix which was very popular. For a reason.

  22. Dr. Valentine Macejkovic II says:

    What about clash of clans?

  23. Queen Gleichner Jr. says:

    Found this one last month, another challenging and addictive one: 360 degree:

    360 Degree is a fantabuolus game filled with loads and loads of fun.
    The spiky surprise takes you out for a 360 degree rollercoaster ride.
    The spikes appear all of a sudden, doubling the excitement of collecting
    the reward points. The touch screen action also plays a vital role and
    makes play extra interesting!

  24. Andreanne Dietrich says:

    I feel like "age of strategy" is a game which really deserves more notice than it gets, it is a turn-based strategy game which focuses on gameplay leaving things like graphics as secondary priorities. Although this means at first it might not look great it really is quite good at what it does and if anyone is into the genre I suggest trying it, it is quite in-depth and can also be quite challenging all while being fun at the same time.

  25. Martina Cruickshank says:

    Hmmm… mostly rubbish then. I'm an Android fan but the games are poor.

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