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Barclays won’t support Android Pay in the UK


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  1. Amie Lindgren says:

    I don't see the point in mobile payment apps they take way longer than my contactless debit card and have the same payment limit – a waste of phone memory…

  2. Dr. Art Zemlak III says:

    When will they learn having multiple similar systems just slows adoption.

    Imagine if SMS worked the same as Instant Messaging where every company had their own system.

  3. Darwin Hirthe DDS says:

    Huzzzah for fragmentation. Forget Android versions, it's the thousands of divergent services that cause the biggest headaches, and there's no fix for that. Not until the likes of Barclay's decide to try to provide a service to their customers, rather than constantly trying to one up the competition and create some specious walled garden.

  4. Mr. Salvador Orn Jr. says:

    It's useful if you don't have contactless…

  5. Clyde Metz says:

    The Barclaycard app only works with credit cards not debit cards!. This sort of fragmented ecosystems is freaking stupid.

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