Apple iPad Pro 11 (2018) initial review: Compact, but powerful


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  1. apelles1 says:

    Wondering if this iPad Pro has native support for camera raw files and TIFFS. These are the image formats that a professional working with images actually needs. I bought the original iPad Pro and Apple pencil being led to believe by various articles at the time that this was of course inevitable and only a matter of months. NOPE never just some clumsy work arounds. Yes my iPad Pro is a wonderful image viewer not an image Editor. Yes it can out do a cell phone by nature of it’s large screen but that’s it. In terms of editing photos and other images the abilities of the iPad Pro and a phone are essentially the same, same Photoshop Fix, and other Adobe jpeg apps as well as Snapseed and Apple’s rather uninspired Photos App. Apple pencil is a nice touch but without native support for Raw and TIFF it’s rather like having a very nice napkin to doodle on rather than an actual professional tool even though the name says Pro it certainly isn’t.

    Yes I’m sure the new 2018 iPad Pro will be great for viewing images and streaming Netflix or Apple’s new rumored streaming service but given my experience I’m SKEPTICAL about it being a professional tool, even if it apparently beats the MacBook in bench marks the New iPad Pro needs to have Mojave rather than i0S12… or you’re essentially going to have a really beautiful powerful 12.9 inch iPhone.

  2. James Frosting says:

    The iPad Pro 2018 has become one of the best performing portable devices. The most affordable prices are again in the US. But if you live in another country, you can have it brought to you by travelers on Glocalzone. I can’t wait to buy and use it to make a detailed review video right away!

  3. rubi76 says:

    How can it replace a laptop if it has no mouse support????

    1. Brendon Dellar says:

      Really, a mouse based input was early 80’s (developed to product release for consumers by Apple’s acquisition ironically) and you want 40 year old technology to make this iPad a real modern laptop? It should have a 3.5” floppy drive too.

      1. rubi76 says:

        If the title implies it can replace a laptop, it should. Simply because when you connect it to a screen you would need a mouse like pointer for a laptop experience. Nice try with the floppy, though…

  4. argonaut says:

    lol…overpriced junk

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