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Android Pay nears UK release, but only some banks will be supported


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  1. Prof. Kathlyn Weber IV says:

    With Samsung taking the lion's share of Android phones it'll be interesting to see if Android Pay being out the gate in The UK first will hurt Samsung Pay's adoption.

  2. Liliane Beer MD says:

    Its not about the technical side of it at all.
    It would give me the same level of a anxiety as loosing my wallet. I would need to cancel the card/s associated with it, the same as if I lost my wallet.

  3. Lilla Bosco says:

    No thanks,
    What a nightmare having a credit debit card associated to my phone would be. To me it would be the same as leaving my physical wallet lying around.

  4. Dr. Mose Baumbach III says:

    I agree pretty much entirely here. I'm broadly positive about mobile payments but now I have a bigger phone, it's actually less likely that, like in the old days, I'll have my phone out when doing shopping. If Sony do update Marshmallow on the Smartwatch 3 it'll be a start, as I'm losing hope on that front, but if they do, yeah, NFC would be ideal.

    That said, I mostly shop at Sainsbury's and they don't bother with it. Especially since, for me, the biggest reason for using mobile payments is loyalty card integration.

  5. Sydnee Schmidt MD says:

    there is also another bank that has been left out, Norwich And Peterborough. is there any news on when they will launch the service?

  6. Colton Tromp says:

    In that case, anyone can use it by picking it up or stealing it as the whole point of contactless is that you don't need a PIN.
    Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to using it. But I'm already thinking it's easier to pop out my card than my phablet when making such payments. Now if Sony would enable NFC with the next M 6.0.1 and Wear 1.4 updates on my Smartwatch 3 to use like an Apple Watch in making payments I'd certainly prefer that. It's also harder to rip a watch off a wrist than a phone out of a hand.

  7. Kirstin Stiedemann DDS says:

    Except your wallet doesn't have a pin code/password, your wallet doesn't have to be logged into and your wallet isn't encrypted.

    So not the same at all.

    It is much the same as contactless debit cards that are already popular though.

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