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Analysis: If Apple starts making its own GPU, what will it mean for iPhone gaming?


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  1. Agnes Gulgowski PhD says:

    Console graphics on phones really is a weird thing, on such small screens there's a lot of things that aren't noticed, and currently most ways of getting it from phone to bigger screen ads delays.

    Add, that if Apple is creating its own GPU, it is most likely going to be entirely focused on metal, and not vulkan like everyone else, so yeah, Apple is trying to set themselves apart even more?

    And as for VR, they would need to increase their resolutions substantially for that to be a thing, at least QuadHD, bare minimum for decent VR.

  2. Nettie Medhurst DDS says:

    The inherent problem with mobile gaming isn't the graphics though. Even now graphics are passable. The big problem is that playing anything other than the most simplistic games sucks on a touchscreen.

    iPad and iPhone users are devoted to their touchscreens. Similar to how you do not get strategy games on console because they pretty much need a mouse and console users won't deviate from their controller, I don't see iPad/iPhone users mass adopting some kind of plug in controller in order to make games playable. At least not in large enough numbers to make it worth developing AAA games for, you simply will not get enough of them away from their touchscreens.

  3. Carlee Predovic says:

    I honestly don't think Apple designing GPU architecture will bring much to the game. They already control iOS and the super low-level 'Metal' API. If they do, its probably going to a customised version of ARM or PowerVR's existing graphics IP. Either way, the current route to getting graphics architecture isn't a barrier to anything on the platform.

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