10 things we never knew about (Sony) lenses


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  1. Amanda Von says:

    "10 things we could have put on to one page, but didn't because pointless lists/countdowns generate clicks".

    Nothing new here and nothing useful here TBFH.

  2. Leonardo Kemmer says:

    Re #4:

    No, Sony doens't have a Zeiss 24-70 f2.8 in e-mount. They've got a Zeiss 24-70 f4.

  3. Alysa Moore says:

    Yep, a clear mistake:
    "Interestingly, Sony already has a Zeiss-branded 24-70mm f/2.8 lens in its full-frame E-mount lens range"

    There are 3 24-70 Sony lenses with "Zeiss" branding, an f/4 in FE-mount, and 2 f/2.8 in A-mount.

  4. Laila Ruecker says:

    ” … they will also work on APS-C mirrorless cameras like the brand new a6300.”

    But, what are we loosing or gaining if they are made for FF?
    For aperture it is the same?
    If per example with the 85mm /1.4?
    Should we APS-C owners should wait for new generation of APS-C, E Mount lenses?

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