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  1. Marlin Bednar says:


  2. Dawson Kuvalis says:

    Sony tv not Samsung.

  3. Mr. Jay Kling III says:

    Who cares? A phone is a phone. I find Apple to be a bit too proprietary.

    I'm dismayed that they are all removing the sdhc slots and making the batteries difficult to replace.

    To me this smack of anti trust violations and illegal tying. I think there should be a justice department investigation or a consumer suit alleging anti trust issues.

    Unless they can show some reason other than economic for removing these features I think there is a problem here.

    Bickering about which company is better without looking at the tying arrangements in the manufacture of the phones practiced by both companies isn't going to help keep consumers from getting screwed.

    You can purchase a 64 GB micro sd card for $9.99 off of ebay….but Samsung charges like $120 to upgrade from 32GB to 64GB….

    Makes you wonder.

  4. Edwin Lowe says:

    Dumb comment. Wozniak was the real creator, Jobs was a talented salesman with big ideas. Even Waz and Jobs know that.

  5. Prof. Bud Harris says:

    THIS IS BEYOND DUMB. Why the hell are there 4 Samsung devices. And the S6 beating the Note 5?????? Thats unheard of. This person is clearly bias towards Samsung and Smaller Handsets. Like seriously the Note 5 basically represents all of those phones plus the additional functionality. But having two S6 Edges is clearly bias. And the S6 should not be in this list!

  6. Tamia Parker MD says:

    Two words: LG prada:
    World's first smart phone with large capacitive touch screen. This phone was shown world wide in 2006 beating iphone by several months. While iphone may not have copied LG Prada, LG prada is the revolutionary phone in therms of "huge capactive screen look" before iphone appeared.

  7. Emmy Howell DDS says:

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  8. Prof. Karli Hamill says:

    No VR on the Note 3 is there? Gear VR is huge, trust me.

  9. Ms. Martine Stokes says:

    How is at least one of sony xperias in this list ? :O that's crazy

  10. Dr. Jamey Larkin DVM says:

    I am trying the Edge +. Beautiful phone but the rounded edges make it hard to hold and easy to change apps and screens just by holding it.

  11. Shawna Windler says:

    The LG G4 has very good specs, a removable battery and can support any micro sd card up to 2TB. Why wouldn't that make it rate higher ? SD card support is very important along with removable battery.

  12. Hattie Rath says:

    I laugh at this list i'm reading on my lg v-10

  13. Magnolia Kihn says:

    Niche market ? Apple has around 45% of the United States market and that is one company selling high cost handsets vs dozens of companies selling everything from $1000 high end to $20 low end crapware. You call 45% of the U.S. market a niche market? About the dumbest thing anyone has said on the internet in months. Apple controls over 90 percent of worldwide smartphone profits. You need to have your head checked.

  14. Dr. Elwyn O'Conner III says:

    Flash is dying, even they (Adobe) have denounced it. It was never popular to Apple because they saw the inherent problems and was smart enough to leave it alone and go to something better( such as HTML5). Yep, they figured it out before it infected Apple.

  15. Spencer Block says:

    The Galaxy S6 rated ahead of the iPhone 6s is plain laughable. Galaxy S6 couldn't even outperform the iPhone 6 on gaming benchmarks. It also falls behind the iPhone 6s in normal benchmarks. On top of all that there's the fact Android quality apps and games lag behind iOS. I mean editors really need to stop basing reviews on specs until the specs lead to an actual real life advantage.

  16. Orville Breitenberg says:

    A vacuum? Let's see, they range from $49 for a cheap hunk of junk that sux (literally) to a $700 Dyson (that sucks even more) to $1200 for Electrolux and Meil and a few other brands… And all they do is suck ( and mostly they suck the same amount)

  17. Mr. Norwood Wisozk DDS says:

    Which they have stopped using in many phones.

  18. Roxanne Pfannerstill says:

    Does anybody on this site proofread anything before publishing?

  19. Blaze Brakus says:

    You said "replaceable battery". Many Samsung phones no longer have replaceable batteries either.

  20. Gerhard Kovacek says:

    this site breaks the record for ads.

  21. Lue Rice says:

    Two words: Who cares. Who the *blank* said Apple had the first capacitive touch screen?! O_o

  22. Ms. Katheryn Streich IV says:

    OK, but that wasn't the question. You work for Apple?

  23. Claudine McKenzie Jr. says:

    Just took delivery of the Galaxy S6, but I'm in China for work at the moment, and have discovered that Samsung have a 'regional lock' on their phones. This is not only a real problem for expats like myself, but having looked online for solutions (Samsung support tell me there is no other way but to return the phone), I've also read many people who find that when they're travelling, their Samsung phones do not recognise overseas SIM cards.

    In short, if you ever go abroad, Samsung phones are not going to work for you.

  24. Madonna Hintz says:

    OK whatever you say

  25. Rosalinda Waters says:

    Where is Sony Xperia Z5 in US?

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