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10 Best Android phones 2016: which should you buy?


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  1. Jo Gleason says:

    Oh yeah? you mean the phone you can't buy and has over 5 million people on the wait list? Dafuq is the point of even mentioning it exactly?

  2. Miss Gladys Kertzmann I says:

    I am sporting Skyrocket 2, and find that its just enough. Sure I would love 300+pi but for now this just works and not over priced. All other are just not efficiently utilized yet. The only thing I wish is better camera like in Nokia 920 for every day usage.

  3. Mrs. Juana Lueilwitz says:

    Wondering why the HTC One doesn't carry the "Recommended" label in its listing when it is number one here and has a 4.5/5 rating as do other "Recommended" phones. I agree with the #1 ranking btw, I have the One and I love it, most trouble-free phone I have had out of the box, runs great,has features I use, and it good-looking too. I definitely recommend it!

  4. Brody Keebler IV says:

    I can't WAIT to get rid of my Galaxy S5. And after reading all about the S6, aside from the camera, I'll make sure to stay clear of that too.
    thanks to many faulty issues with the UI, miserable camera software, the horribly sluggish and flimsy Lolipop (seriously? That was the best name?), amongst other issues, this has been a form of slingshot of a desire for a different brand- led possibly by the LG or….Lord help me….the iphone- but unlikely.
    The deal breakers are: removable battery and SD slot.
    This latest phone shows me that Samsung will stay behind the curve and follow in the shadows of better quality machines because of not bringing to the market a device that is First, reliable and Secondly, not full of B.S options which not requested by the majority of users.
    It also shows Samsung to be a compay that makes one step forward while taking two steps back Or one step back without any overall improvement but being that little child nipping at Apples heals, trying to be like it but failing to target the required audience and do it with a not strong OS.

  5. Jordon Boehm says:

    Nice to see HTC getting some recognition for a change. I'm a heavy user, and the M8 has been the toughest, most reliable, and most enjoyable phone I've ever had. Fast all the time without resets that some phones require, and great battery life does not hurt either.

  6. Jarred Murphy DVM says:

    it's #1

  7. June Carroll says:

    I've had the Nexus 6 for two months. Initially I loved the phone, but I easily cracked the screen with a minor drop. It cost $175 to repair through Motorola. The very next day I cracked the screen again. The only device I've had that was unable to handle minor drops without cracking with the iPhone 4. If the rest of Motorola's line-up is as brittle as the Nexus 6, I would not recommend.

  8. Annetta Pacocha says:

    It's not all lollipop's fault, it doesn't help but a lot of the Samsung performance issues are the bloatware and simply poor coding. I bought the Gtab s 8.4 and it had trouble scrolling web pages without freezes and chop. This was with noting running but chrome. It was using 2G of the 3G ram just to idle before opening apps. That's terrible.

    Samsung is gearing up to main stream Tizen their OS. The 2 year plan is to start moving away from android. (at least that's the idea…) fail.

  9. Brandyn Bechtelar says:

    Samsung has great paper specs but in benchmarks the real life end results is piss or given the hardware. The Samsung bloatware is terrible.

    I'd prefer Moto or Lg over Samsung. It's become more cultish than mac.

  10. Jody Wunsch says:

    On the same boat here, what phone did you go with? and how do you like it?

  11. Kevin Bernier says:

    "[The Samsung S6 is] not cheap and the average battery and lack of
    a microSD card slot might put you off.."

    Yes, it does. It puts me off. When Samsung brings back removable storage and battery (Galaxy S7 anyone?) I will consider upgrading. Otherwise, no.

  12. Claudie Cummings says:

    someone tell me which one of these is or has a great prepaid plan for it

  13. Odessa Boyle says:

    Looks like I spent my money 'foolishly'; the Sony Xperia Z is not even in Techradar's top 10…

  14. Dr. Friedrich Shanahan says:

    Samsung has lost the crown, even at Techradar!
    Can you feel the Earth shaking?

    What baffles me is that you did some heavy rearranging on the other places of the chart, guys.
    What's with that?

  15. Wilma Schmidt says:

    It looks like Huawei is making the new 2015 nexus 6. Huawei has been doing some REALLY good phones recently, so I am pretty excited for this.

  16. Colby West II says:

    "After the disappointing Galaxy S5" it was only disappointing if you were dumb enough to go from a S3 to a S4 THEN an S5, which is pretty stupid considering the S4 was a disappointment. The S5 was a huge improvement from the S3. OOOOOOHHHHHH "l u x u r i o u s metal and glass build" you mean hot and slippery glass, or otherwise THE EXACT SAME AS AN IPHONE???? Do you guys work for Samsung?!!???

    "Packed full of extras like fast charging and a fingerprint scanner" the S5 has a fingerprint scanner, it sucks but still shows you have NO CLUE what you are talking about, just a biased review. "All that power is hard on the battery" nice way of saying the battery sucks.

    "the average battery and lack of a microSD card slot might put you off"? Put you off, it is what makes Android, ANDROID. If you review CARS, please don't mention GSXR's or CBR's or any other motorcycles. The fact that it Samsung made the next iPhones should immediately disqualify it from the list, the fact that you praise it so much and the way you say what you say disqualifies YOU from anything credible you may ever say, you don't matter and PEOPLE SHOULD BE AWARE OF THE GARBAGE YOU WRITE.

  17. Kasandra Macejkovic says:

    That's because Samsung became lazy and are like drunk chickens with no heads running around trying to find their place in this world, offering a very unreliable device.
    believe me….I've had the S3 & S5….. never again.

  18. Pablo Auer says:

    Its #1 actually

  19. Heath Smitham says:

    i though Oneplus one should on the list as it is the first one make bamboo vision available ,and also perfect price with CM OS,as it is Chinese brand phone ,Flosmall seems more professional .

  20. Keyshawn Howell says:

    Not sure about HTC One at No 1 position but otherwise not a bad list.

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